App add-ons coming to Windows 10 in Redstone update

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The Windows 10 Redstone update is set to be delivered consumers later this year and with it, several new features and improvements are expected to improve the user experience of the operating system. One of those key features is the ability for developers to make add-ons and downloadable content available for their apps.

We understand that in one of the recent Windows 10 Redstone builds not yet available to Insiders, Microsoft added something it calls Advanced Options, a page for add-ons and downloadable content for apps. Furthermore, the software giant documented this feature for developers at MSDN.

Part of the documentation states the following:

Enable your Windows Store app to host content provided by other Windows Store apps. Discover, enumerate, and access read-only content from those apps.

Now, we have no idea what these add-ons will do and how powerful they could be. What we do know is that they will be similar to how downloadable content (DLC) works for video games. We expect the first set of add-ons will be associated with video games because it is a natural fit. However, things might be a little different with apps seeing as we’ve never heard of apps with add-ons before.

We hope this doesn’t turn out to be a terrible idea in the sense that developers might take advantage of it to swindle more money from users. We see this happening with video games today where important content has been stripped from several titles and added to the DLC queue. Furthermore, we’ve reached a point where DLC is no longer talked about after the release of a game but rather well before, proving the practice is now a pre-planned money making opportunity.

All in all, we have faith in Microsoft doing the right thing to make sure consumers are not taken advantage of.


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