ARAYA issues: game crashes, mouse and black screen issues

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If you like horror games, you should try out ARAYA, an impressive first person horror game. Players will enjoy a thrilling experience inside a Thai hospital, where nothing is what it seems. The game story is told from the perspectives of 3 different characters and players will explore different areas of the hospital, trying to solve the mysterious murder case of Araya.

ARAYA is also compatible with Oculus Rift, which allows the game to build an almost-real horror environment. Check out the trailer below to see if the game is scary enough for you:

Unfortunately, ARAYA is also affected by quite a large number of issues, that severely limit the gaming experience.

ARAYA game bugs

Black screen issues

Players report they can’t actually launch the game because of a black screen issue that won’t go away. The system requirements for running ARAYA are met, yet players can’t get into the game. If you’re experiencing this bug, try updating your Windows OS, and install the latest graphics drivers on your computer.

I have some problem when trying to get into the game. The game stayed at blackscreen after ‘press any button’ screen disappear. I don’t know what to do with this issue.

Achievements are rare and scarce

ARAYA players complain that their efforts are not well rewarded. The achievements they unlock are too rare, and don’t reflect their efforts.

I only get “First things first”. I should have lots of achievements meanwhile, having reached Chapter 8. But only got this one.

Resolution issues

Gamers are also affected by minor resolution issues, and have to re-switch Sync every new game, despite the fact that it shows this feature is alread on.

I’m playing on a 40″ 4K monitor, not VR. Highest resolution I get is full HD, 1080p.
And I have to reswitch Sync every new game, even when it shows it was switched on. Reswitch it, then I’m getting the synced 60 FPS.

ARAYA crashes

It appears that every time players start a new chapter, the game simply crashes. They are then forced to replay the respective chapter in order to save their progress.

When reaching Chapter 7 Marisa, the game tries to load and then crashes.Had to restart game, play again the chasing/escaping (not really fun with shift/ctrl etc), then this time it worked. Now the same with Chapter 8. It tries to load and crashes here again.

Mouse restrictions in main menu

Some gamers also complain about mouse movement restrictions in the main menu. This is a very annoying issue indeed, because it prevents them from changing and optimizing the game settings. Other players confirm that the cursor in the game doesn’t match the one in the headset, so it just stops mid-screen.

I cant move my mouse over to change settings i.e. the resolution. Which means I cant even play the game.

Unfortunately, there are no workarounds available for the issues listed above. Hopefully, MAD Virtual Reality Studio, the game’s developer will soon release an update to fix at least some of these bugs.

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