Arizona Sunshine issues: game freezes, co-op won’t start, and more

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Arizona Sunshine is an impressive game that brings zombie attacks to VR. The title is compatible with both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift and received very positive reviews on Steam.

Unfortunately, Arizona Sunshine is also affected by quite a significant number of technical issues. More specifically, players report that the game sometimes freezes, the FPS rate drops, the iron sights are not very accurate and more.

Arizona Sunshine reported bugs

Aiming is off

Many gamers report that the aiming is off for most of the weapons available in the game. Moreover, the guns themselves feel pretty small compared to other games. This could also accumulate the feeling of inaccuracy as aiming is harder when the sights are sub-pixel in size. However, some gamers argue that Arizona Sunshine’s aiming is perfectly fine.

yup it seems off for me, if i try to aim with my dominant eye i can’t aim for ♥♥♥♥ but when i use both i can hit them just fine. even if they’re directly in the iron sights.

Arizona Sunshine gets stuck

Gamers complain that sometimes they get a blue screen in their VR headset for 10-15 seconds. This prevents them from seeing what’s actually going on in the game. The problem is that during all this time, players still take hits from zombies.

I’m liking this game, when I can actually play it but it keeps getting stuck. Every now and then I just get a blue screen in my headset for 10-15 seconds but can still take hits from zombies. I have an i7 6700, GTX 980ti and 16gb DDR4 – even on medium settings it`s unplayable.

Arizona Sunshine FPS rate drops

Some players also report that the game’s FPS rate drops too low even when using low settings. If you’re experiencing this issue, try updating your drivers first and see if it works.

Hopefully this gets resolved in a patch because this was one of the games I specifically got VR for. I’m running an i7 6700, GTX 1060 6gb, and 32gb of ram. Even with the game graphics settings turned down, all other programs closed, and most settings in steam vr turned off I’m still seeing lots of jittering / frame drops. My GPU is running around 60% so it’s working hard […]

Connectivity and synching issues

Gamers complain they can’t use the co-op mode because Arizona Sunshine crashes, freezes or gets stuck on loading. After getting together in the game, players actually connect to each others’ servers.

OK I am not the only one having issues. I tried to connect to several people and still same issue for all of us. It crashes, freezes, gets stuck on loading, and after getting together in the game after we actually connect to each othrs servers. We even swapped being host. Please fix this immediately. Co-op is the main reason I wanted this game even though it has a very nice single player experience.

Other Arizona Sunshine issues include:



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