Confirmed: Microsoft now accepting ARM64 apps on its Store

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Yesterday, Microsoft released Visual Studio 15.9. With it came the announcement that “developers now have the officially supported SDK and tools for creating 64-bit ARM (ARM64) apps“. On top of that, Microsoft Store will now be accepting submissions for apps built for the ARM64 architecture.

Microsoft Store now supports ARM64 apps

This is good news as it follows the release of machines running the new Snapdragon 850 processor, including Lenovo devices and Samsung’s Galaxy Book2. This follows on from news earlier in the week that Snapdragon 850 finally gets support for older Windows 10 versions.


What will make these 2nd Gen ARM64 devices so popular is developers will have even more computing power available. At the same time, users will still have “beyond-all-day battery life and instant-on LTE connectivity” on devices that are thin, light, and fast.

Another plus is that UWP and C++ Win32 apps can now be recompiled to run natively on Windows 10 on ARM devices using Visual Studio 15.9. This will give users an even better experience. I think I am right in saying that this could even stop Google Chrome being the CPU-guzzler it is, but don’t quote me on that.

How to Get Started

If you are interested in how to get started (and who isn’t?), here’s what to do. Oh, and I am not going to put the instructions here. Mainly because I am not the person to be writing about this kind of thing. It is well above my pay-grade.

Instead, head over to the Official support for Windows 10 on ARM development page, and you can find out all the ins and outs there.

There is also a lot of good training on the Windows 10 on ARM page. This is a great place to start not only for people who want to know more about ARM. It’s also a great place for people who would like to start developing apps.

We’d love to hear from you if you are a developer or are about to start developing apps using Microsoft’s Visual Studio 15.9. Please feel free to start a conversation about this in the comments below.



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