Cortana Now Provides Image Details in Microsoft Edge

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Even though Cortana integration has been a part of Microsoft Edge since day one, there haven’t been any improvements to it since its release. But yesterday, Microsoft finally released an update for Microsoft Edge that improves Cortana’s functionality.

Until now, users were only able to perform text-based actions in Microsoft Edge by using the Ask Cortana feature. With the most recent update, users will be able to select an image and ‘Ask Cortana’ about the details of that image.

To get information about a selected image, right-click it, go to Ask Cortana (or Bing Lookup, if Cortana is not available in your country), and you’ll get information about the image right on the page. Cortana will show you image dimensions and other sizes available, related images, related searches, and more.

Microsoft to drastically improve Cortana and Edge

For now, we don’t have the ability to control Cortana in Microsoft Edge by voice, but we wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft also delivered this functionality in an update soon. It would be a unique feature, something Microsoft Edge desperately needs if the Microsoft wants it to stay competitive with third-party browsers.

Since Microsoft Edge is a relatively new browser, we’re sure that Microsoft has prepared a slew of new features for it in the future. Although users would like to see extension support in Edge, we’re sure that every new feature will be a welcome one regardless.

With the last couple of updates for Windows 10, Microsoft brought a lot of new features to Cortana, like new languages support and improved reminders. We fully expect even more in the future, proving that Microsoft intends to make Cortana even more functional.

What new Cortana or Microsoft Edge feature would you like to see next? Tell us in the comments below!


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