Astroneer reported issues: Game crashes, FPS drops, steering is weird, and more

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Space exploration fans will definitely love Astroneer, a recently released title currently available as a game preview. Astroneer doesn’t have a clear goal or a storyline. Rather, the the players’ main tasks are colonizing planets, mining their resources and using them to build new vehicles and facilities.

Since Astroneer is still work in progress, naturally the game is affected by many technical issues. System Era Softworks regularly releases hotfixes to address the most frequent Astroneer bugs. However, it appears that some Astroneer issues cling to the game like leeches.

Frequent Astroneer bugs

Astroneer FPS rate issues

Gamers report that FPS rate significantly drops sometimes causing the game to stutter. Often, Astroneer stutters on planet entry, plays fine for a few minutes, but then FPS rate suddenly drops.

As I play for the first 3 minutes, It’s a pretty solid 60 fps. Then it starts getting really bad. With FPS drops non-stop, going from 60 to the 30’s and 40’s. Random numbers really. After about 7 minutes the overall FPS dropped to below 50, having an average of 39-40 FPS, but still having constant FPS drops.

Astroneer freezes

Players also report that they can’t play Astroneer for more than 10 or 20 minutes because the game suddenly freezes. None of the game updates released so far could fix this issue.

i did, and it still crashes with the new beta, it dont actually crash it blocks and i cant do anything also i have to close the app in the windows panel.

Steam VR opens when players launch Astroneer

Astroneer does not support VR, yet Steam VR opens everytime players launch the game. Turning off SteamVR from Properties doesn’t fix this issue, and sound is still pushed regardless of Windows settings.

Ok so the patch notes said you fixed VR launching along side Astrow/e and it didnt…at all…Steam VR still launches when you launch the game […]

Sound issues

Players also report that Astroneer is affected by an annoying sound bug that causes FPS drops and huge lag. The only solution to fix this problem is to mute the game, but this limits the gaming experience. Hopefully, the upcoming Astroneer updates will fix this issue.

[…] also if you took half a moment to read the forum you would see a serious and bizare issue with the sound causing frame drops and severe lag. Using the -NOSOUND works and the game is stable but I would rather play with sound.

Steering issues

Steering in Astroneer is weird. A simple task like driving can become a nerve-wracking experience when controls get mixed up. Some players even report that Astroneer’s steering style gives them motion sickness.

i hate that style of driving in games. The controls should behave like they would in a car. your steering does not switch just because you are looking behind. Also the driving feels like your in a hover vehicle, not in a 4 wheel. it slide turns on the spot. the slippery driving and wierd steering is a big turn off for me.

Astroneer features

Players also ask Astroneer’s developers to add a series of useful features, such as:

  • Autosave – Gamers complain they often lose the game progress when Astroneer crashes.

“It’s ridiculous how I keep losing hours of progress due to these crashes. I just got to base after bringing 3 research things there and it crashed.”

  • Fullscreen support – The fullscreen feature currently available is only borderless windowed. True fullscreen support will offer a better Astroneer gaming experience.
  • Linux support – System Era Softworks confirms that Linux support is on the radar, but the priorities now are the Windows and Mac versions.

If you’ve encountered other Astroneer bugs that we didn’t mention in this article, head to System Era’s support forum and report them there.