Asus ZenFlip UX370 arrives in Q2 2017

by Radu Tyrsina
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If you are in the market for a brand new, good quality laptop convertible that can also act as a tablet, you might want to hold off until the second half of 2017. Why? Because a fresh leak has brought us information about a device that will be arriving in that timeframe courtesy of Asus.

We all know that Asus is one of the top laptop manufacturers, but what have they prepared for us this time? It would seem that the answer is the Asus ZenFlip UX370. It is still pretty early to fully debate the specs and capabilities of a product that isn’t slated for release for at least another couple of months, but we can take a look at what the previous version, the UX360, came with and make some guesses as to what’s about to come.

Asus ZenFlip UX360 known specifications

  • The device will supposedly beat the UX360, which uses the processing power of a Core M3-6Y30 processor. The chip is a dual-core processor and will supply what many believe to be sufficient power for the average user or even power user.
  • In terms of display, we know that it sports a 1080p screen at the very least. There was a time when a 1080p screen was insane, but today that spec is standard among device manufacturers, most of which are pushing 4K in most cases. In terms of internal storage, the previous model came with a 512 GB SS2 as well as USB-C support.

What we hope for

There are many things that would be nice additions to the device, but it is hard to find appropriate predictions given the fact that the laptop is classified as both a mid-range device and a “hero laptop”.

One of many

The new Asus ZenFlip UX370 isn’t the only device coming out from the laptop manufacturer. In fact, the leaked image also mentioned devices such as the ZenBook 3 or the Vivobook Pro and Vivobook S also. There is a laptop designed for gaming too, although the image does not display a picture or name of what that might be.


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