AudioCloud UWP app coming to Windows 10 soon

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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Developers appear to be getting excited about supporting the Windows 10 platform with their apps, with SoundCloud joining the fray with its plans to release a UWP version of its AudioCloud app in the near future.

For quite some time, SoundCloud’s AudioCloud app has been available for Windows 8.1 and up. However, the company has not released an update supporting Windows 10, leaving many users wondering if it would ever happen. Well, now it is following SoundCloud’s recent Twitter announcement.

We know for a fact that these things take time and as such, we may not see the app until the end of the year or even into early 2017. We doubt it would take this long but realistically speaking, anything can happen during the development phase.

For those who unaware, SoundCloud is where millions of people go to upload their audio. Whether it be podcasts, songs, or entire albums, SoundCloud is very popular. Folks like Kanye West and other popular celebrities have been using the platform for years with great success. Bringing it to Windows 10 would only make it easier for users to upload content and listen to their favorite podcasts without ever having to open a web browser. Furthermore, with the app taking the UWP route, users on Windows 10 Mobile will also get a taste.

If developers continue to create UWP apps, then it shouldn’t be too long before Windows 10 Mobile has a sizeable amount of quality apps to keep users from thinking about Android or iOS.

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