Microsoft uses aura tooltips to improve dark theme in Chromium browsers

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Microsoft is working to implement a new dark theme in Chrome and Edge.

The tooltips in Chromium browsers currently use a white background. A Reddit post confirmed Microsoft wants to enhance support for dark mode.

Some modern Windows 10 parts (Start menu) and most UWP apps use aura tooltips.

A commit by Microsoft unfolds the company’s plans to use these tooltips to implement this functionality. A tooltip is a set of options or links that preview the text on mouse hover.

We noticed that the tooltip does not support the dark mode when a user hovers a link in Chromium browsers. The tooltip never matches the UI of Windows 10 because of its light theme.

Microsoft Engineers noticed a major bug associated with the tooltip. The text of the tooltip does not change when adjusting the slider under Settings > Ease of Access > Display > “Make text bigger”.

Microsoft turned on Aura tooltip by default in Windows to address the accessibility and incompatible issues. The commit says.

The native Windows tooltip doesn’t support dark theme and it has some accessibility issues with the text scaling settings. By using the aura tooltips we can solve both of these problems together. This change completely enables Windows to use TooltipAura, behind a Feature flag.
Included in this change is an increase to the maximum width of tooltips from 400px to 800px in order to better match the native tooltip and avoid some of the early truncation issues described [on this thread] (which ChromeOS currently suffers from).

Microsoft enabled an early version of the tooltip in the Chrome Canary. It sports an irritating black background behind the text. The feature will be available on the stable builds soon.



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