Latest version of Aurora HDR will finally bring support for Windows platform

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Macphun just released the new version of Aurora HDR. Aurora HDR is a simple photo editing software with a strong focus on HDR, and until now it was exclusively available on Mac platform, but the new version brings new features, along with long-awaited support for Windows platform.

We already wrote about Macphun’s plans to bring Luminar and Aurora HDR to Windows platform, and now we have new information regarding the latest version of Aurora HDR.

Aurora HDR 2018 comes to Windows, here’s what you can expect

Aurora HDR is an industry standard for HDR photo editing on Mac platform, and due to its simplicity and outstanding features, it was downloaded more than 1.7 million times since its release. Over that time users edited more than 100 million photos and Aurora HDR became a primary HDR photo editor for most of its users. After the tremendous success on Mac OS, Macphun decided to expand its market and bring Aurora HDR 2018 to Windows platform for a first time.

What can we expect to see in the latest version of Aurora HDR? According to Macphun’s Vice President, Kevin La Rue, the new version of Aurora HDR will be more innovative and powerful than its predecessors. Aurora HDR offers full HDR editing experience with a wide range of features such as powerful RAW processing engine and tone-mapping algorithm. Thanks to these features, you’ll be able to create realistic or dramatic HDR images. To make the editing process more straightforward, the application comes with more than 70 presets that you can apply to your images with a single click.

Among other features, Aurora HDR offers luminosity masking and unique layer system with custom blending modes and textures. Thanks to the various brushes, masks, lighting effects, and vignettes you can fully unleash your creativity with Aurora HDR. The application fully supports batch processing allowing you to edit multiple pictures with ease. Lastly, Aurora HDR is available as plug-in for Photoshop and Lightroom, so you can use it easily with these tools.

As for Aurora HDR 2018, one of the greatest improvements is cross-platform support and availability on Windows. Besides cross-platform support, the new version offers Lens Correction Tool as well as modern and responsive user interface. Lastly, there are various speed improvements, and according to the developer, we’ll see a 4x faster RAW image processing along with 200% improvement in merging and masking performance.

Aurora HDR achieved tremendous success since its debut in November 2015, and we’re excited to see Aurora HDR available on

One license allows you to install the application on five different devices, and you can order the application for $89. If you are a member of Aurora HDR family, you can upgrade to the latest version for $49. As for the retail price, the upgrade will cost $59, while new users will have to purchase the license for $99.



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