Best automated eCommerce software [2020 Guide]

Ivan Jenic
by Ivan Jenic
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corel best automated ecommerce softwareCorel is one of the leading global digital service providers in the world. It is especially known for its graphic design products, which make it stand out as one of the most used software in the world. This software hosts an inbuilt website creator, which can be employed to create simple ecommerce/online shopping sites.

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This software offers variety of products, among which are CorelDraw GraphicsSuite, PaintShop pro, Painter, ParticleShop and more. Of these features, CorelDraw GraphicsSuite is the most significant, as it is the product that houses “Corel Website builder”.

Some of the key features of CorelDraw GraphicsSuite include: Content Organizer, SDK automation support, 4K display, Project timer, Barcode generator, Royalty-free pictures, Page layout tools, Templates, Pontilizers and more.

Furthermore, Corel recently added a third-party ecommerce service to its platform; which is the product of a partnership between Corel and Cleverbridge – a prominent ecommerce service provider. The main objective of this partnership is to afford Corel users the opportunity to purchase desired products and services online, directly from Corel’s platform.

Corel offers product-specific pricing. And the main product in this regard is CorelDraw GraphicsSuite. The Graphics Suite product is available at a rate $198 per year or a one-time purchase for $635.