AutoHDR is an automatic photo optimization tool to spare you the effort

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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AutoHDR is a program that can help you turn good photos into great photos. We all know that the difference between a common piece and a work of art is usually found in the details, and that’s where AutoHDR comes in. The software is independent from other apps or services and serves as an image enhancer which can be used when your default photo app doesn’t come with HDR capabilities.

The process for using AutoHDR couldn’t be any simpler, as all you are required to do is drag the photo you wish to edit and drop into the app. The AutoHDR developers stepped in to clarify some confusion caused by what the app offers and what its name suggests. Answering confused users, the developer stated that the software actually uses something referred to as pseudo-HDR. This means that it doesn’t possess real HDR alteration abilities, but it does a fine job in mimicking the results.

The task of delivering stunning results is hard according to the developer, due to the fact that images which are run through AutoHDR’s process are single camera restricted in terms of dynamic range.

Once inside AutoHDR, you can either use one of the already existing presets to calibrate your image according to setting combinations made by the developer, or manually adjust what you think needs adjusting. There are several parameters that can be altered with AutoHDR, specifically Contrast, Color, Detail, Noise, Highlights, Sharpen and Shadow.

You are free to play around with these options until your photo has the desires feel to it. Getting AutoHDR can also impact your choice in buying a new smartphone since many are taking HDR availability into consideration when they are weighing potential candidates. Whether you are trying to settle on a new daily drive or just brush up a quick photo, AutoHDR will be able to help you.


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