Azure Active Directory Servers are Down, Users Unable to Connect to Various Microsoft Services

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Reports are spreading all over the internet that users are unable to connect to some Microsoft services, including Office 365, Azure Portal, etc. As Azure status page says, the main cause of the problem is a configuration error which occurred because of incorrect routing of production traffic.

“Starting at approximately 09:00 on 3rd Dec, 2015, customers began experiencing intermittent issues accessing Azure services that use, or have dependencies on Azure Active Directory. Engineering teams are actively investigating the root cause of the issue and are developing a mitigation strategy. A list of services reporting impact will be provided shortly. An update will be provided in 60 minutes, or as events warrant.”

The outage hit mainly European users of these services, especially those from Western and Northern Europe, while the users outside of these regions may also experience issues, depending on their configurations.

As we know for now, engineers are working on the case, but we still don’t know when all affected services will be accessible again. According to the history log on Azure status page, the plan is to revert the Azure Active Directory front ends, and to bring back a ‘known good configuration.’

“Engineering teams will perform full root cause analysis on this incident and will work to further understand why the configuration containing the errors was implemented”

Besides Office 365 and Azure management portals, large number of services is also affected, including Stream Analytics, Remote App, Visual Studio Team Services and SQL Database. However, client-side Exchange email services appear to be functioning normally,

What’s interesting is that Azure status says that all services are working properly now, but users are still facing problems to login to certain services.

We’ll try to keep you informed about the situation, as we’ll update the article when any changes are announced. If you want to find out more about this problem, and what Microsoft’s developing team plans to do regarding to this issue, follow Azure status page for the most recent info.

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