Microsoft invites white hat hackers to attack Azure cloud platform

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Microsoft recently encouraged hackers to hack its Azure cloud platform. Sounds a bit strange, isn’t it?

This move is a part of Microsoft’s Safe Harbor drive as the company wants hackers to spot the existing Azure vulnerabilities.

The tech giant revealed its plans to launch more bug bounty programs or other rewards for the participants. The researchers will work on detecting security vulnerabilities in Microsoft’s cloud platform.

The big M  already launched such initiatives in the past. Microsoft says the researchers will be safe from any type of legal actions.

A few days ago, some researchers spotted that Azure is unintentionally hosting malware sites. It seems that the tech giant finally decided to take the security flaws in its Azure cloud seriously.

The “Safe Harbor” initiative is actually legal clearance for researchers so that they can start reporting the exploits the very moment they detect them.

Microsoft says that security researchers and hackers previously helped Microsoft to fix exploits in its browser, Office, and Windows OS.

If you want to stay safe online at any given moment, install a good VPN tool and hackers will lose your track.

Cyber attacks increase in frequency

As we all know, there has been a significant increase in the number of cyber attacks in the past few months.

Today more and more organizations are relying on cloud-based services. Therefore, hackers are specifically targetting cloud platforms.

According to Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President of Cybersecurity Solutions, Ann Johnson, the company is dealing with approximately 6.5 trillion cyberattacks a year.

Furthermore, its products and services network detects more than 1.5 billion security threats. Ann Johnson confirmed that the team takes advantage of various machine learning tools to stay one step ahead of hackers and secure Azure.

It remains to be seen if Microsoft succeeds in its efforts to attract the attention of researchers towards its Safe Harbor initiative.



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