Azure Security Center for IoT prevents and detects security breaches

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Microsoft announced the general availability of the Azure Security Center for IoT, mainly focusing organisations and the security of their products.

Azure Security Center for IoT focuses on preventing security breaches

Because companies are continuing to evolve, creating new products and adding them along with more and more equipment, this leads to a lot more soft spots which can be exploited by attackers.

Here comes in play Azure Security Center for Iot. This product is specifically tailored to offer security and threat protection across the entire IoT solutions used by an organisation, as Microsoft officials stated in a security blog:

Attackers target weak spots; even one weak device configuration, cloud service, or admin account can provide a way into your solution. Your organization must monitor for threats and misconfigurations across all parts of your IoT solution: devices, cloud services, the supporting infrastructure, and the admin accounts who access them.

The main purpose of Azure Security Center for IoT is to protect end-to-end IoT deployment and find issues in a company’s configuration before an attack is initiated. Azure Security Center for IoT prevents threats

Microsoft’s products offer a more secure and reliable environment

This adds a new layer of security and comfort, leaving the organisations to worry about going forward and not keeping their products safe:

When organizations choose Microsoft for their IoT deployments, however, they get secure-by-design devices and services such as Azure Sphere and IoT Hub, end-to-end integration and monitoring from device to cloud, and the expertise from Microsoft and our partners to build a secure solution that meets their exact use case.

Azure Security Center is the first IoT security service from a giant cloud provider that helps organisations protect their products from start to finish and to prevent any possible intrusion before it even happens.

It seems like Microsoft is now more focused on security than ever, and Azure Security Center for IoT is just the latest confirmation of that.


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