Azure Stack receives enhancements that greatly benefit its users

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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There is interesting news ahead for those invested in Azure Stack and Azure technologies: there are several new features on the way that aim to improve the way organizations work towards the goals set by their institution. One of the things that were worked on was making hybrid cloud services more flexible. In terms of available options, there are three new hybrid cloud approaches which will help businesses create or re-create apps. The nature of said apps isn’t relevant as they can benefit from the new hybrid cloud suggestions whether they are cloud-based or not.

Something new has arrived

One of the new implementations allows for delivering on-premise Azure services. Looking to bolster the ranks of hybrid cloud adepts, this new solution offers on-premise delivery for services like IaaS and PaaS. This allows the organization to seamlessly move between projects.

Organizations are also now able to make the first steps towards progress from the very inception day of a project thanks to the new capabilities that allow them to scout talent early on and juggle projects.

Organizations are able to benefit from a system integrated Azure Stack delivery without having any setbacks every times something new pops up. The greatest feature is probably the fact that forward movement can be predicted and thus surprises can be eliminated from the start.

It’s already available for anyone willing to try

Those interested in the latest and greatest for Azure Stack can go ahead and download the newest Technical Preview 3. Microsoft also commented on its latest Azure move and how it feels about the whole thing:

“Our goal is to ensure that organizations choosing hybrid cloud environments have this same flexibility and innovation capability to match their business objectives and application designs.”

It will be interesting to see if developers and Azure adepts will be able to capitalize on the broad pallet of opportunities created by these new additions.


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