Azure VMs now have Ampere ARM CPU support and other perks

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  • Did you know that Microsoft recently introduced Ampere ARM CPU support for Azure VMs?
  • This includes include web servers, open-source databases, gaming servers, and media servers.
  • These VMs can be configured with up to 64 vCPUs, with 2GiB, 4GiB, and 8GiB per vCPU memory.
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We thought you should definitely know that Azure Virtual Machines will now be able to run on ARM-based processors natively.

This news comes straight from the source, as Microsoft has confirmed that ARM CPUs, especially from Ampere Computing, will now power multiple VMs.

It goes without saying that this will include web servers, open-source databases, gaming servers, media servers, and many more.

Ampere ARM CPU support is now available for Azure VMs

After providing support for nearly all popular Linux distributions as operating systems for VMs, the Azure VM platform is now introducing ARM Architecture.

The Redmond tech giant has also announced the availability of a Preview version of ARM support on Azure virtual machines.

We anticipated your next question and the preview is initially available in the West US, West Central US, and West Europe Azure regions, as Ampere confirmed.

Ampere Computing, a startup that focuses on server-grade processors, had announced last year that it had signed up American company Microsoft and Chinese tech giant Tencent Holding as major customers.

Series vCPUs Memory (GiBs) Local Disk (GiBs) Max Data Disks Max NICs
Dpsv5-series 2 – 64 8 – 208 n/a 4 – 32 2 – 8
Dpdsv5-series 2 – 64 8 – 208 75 – 2,400 4 – 32 2 – 8
Dplsv5-series 2 – 64 4 – 128 n/a 4 – 32 2 – 8
Dpldsv5-series 2 – 64 4 – 128 75 – 2,400 4 – 32 2 – 8
Epsv5-series 2 – 32 16 – 208 n/a 4 – 32 2 – 8
Epdsv5-series 2 – 32 16 – 208 75 – 2,400 4 – 32 2 – 8

Ampere on Azure with Windows as the Root Host OS indicates that Windows will be the base operating system that will function on ARM CPUs from Ampere Computing.

Microsoft also indicated that Azure VMs, with Ampere Altra Arm-based processors, will offer up to 50 percent better price-performance than comparable x86-based VMs for scale-out workloads.

These new VMs can be configured with up to 64 vCPUs, and have the flexibility to opt for VM sizes with 2GiB, 4GiB, and 8GiB per vCPU memory configurations.

They will have up to 40 Gbps networking. And, of course, subscribers will also be able to opt for high-performance local SSD storage.

The Dpsv5 and Epsv5 Azure VM-series will run on Ampere Altra Arm-based processors operating at up to 3.0GHz.

What is your take on this important change for Azure VMs? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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