Hybrid networking simplifies moving VMware resources to Azure

by Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
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Hybrid networking simplifies migrating VMware resources to Azure

Microsoft announced the Azure VMware Solution for some time, and now they’ve made some improvements to the service.

Azure VMware Solution is a VMware environment that allows users to run native VMware-based workloads on Azure. The platform includes vSphere, vCenter, vSAN, NSX-T, and other tools.

Azure VMware Solution takes care of everything for you

Here’s how Microsoft describes their VMware environment in a blog post:

The VMware environment runs natively on Azure’s bare metal infrastructure, so there’s no nested virtualization and you can continue using your existing VMware tools. There’s no need to worry about operating, scaling, or patching the VMware physical infrastructure or re-platforming your virtual machines.

Azure VMware Solution hybrid managementConnecting an on-premises VMware vSphere environment with an Azure VMware Solution private cloud will create a hybrid networking that will link VMware sites.

Hybrid networking lets you manage both Azure and VMware resources

The service then will translate bidirectional traffic between VLANs used in VMware and virtual networks used in Azure. With the services running, you can easily vMotion between VMware sites.:

As your VMware workloads start to run in Azure you can take advantage of integrating Azure services seamlessly to existing VMware workloads. For example, your developers can create new VMware virtual machines inside the Azure portal leveraging the same VMware templates from the on-premises environment, and ultimately running those virtual machines in your VMware private cloud in Azure.

This allows for hybrid management, as you can manage both Azure and VMware resources using a single Azure Resource Manager template.

For now, Azure VMware Solution by CloudSimple is available in East US and West US, but it will arrive soon in Western Europe and other regions in the coming months.

To run your own private cloud in Azure, search for “vmware” while you’re in the Azure portal and provide the service, nodes, and virtual machines.

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