Best baby monitor cameras [2020 Guide]

Radu Tyrsina
by Radu Tyrsina
Founder & Editor-in-Chief
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  1. The Holababy P1 HD Video Baby Monitor

This is a camera that allows you to keep tabs on your little one from your mobile device. It features sharp video quality, and it plays multiple lullabies. This HD monitor uses motion and sound detection to alert you when your baby is moving or crying. The device also sports a few baby-centric features such as speakers, multi-color nightlights and also a mini projector that will throw a beautiful colorful pattern on your baby’s ceiling.

  1. Philips Avent Digital Video Monitor

This sophisticated video monitor is stylish and discrete and it will switch automatically between full color and night vision. It also features the ability to pan the camera and zoom in and once you finished with the close ups, you can also select a lullaby and the best night light options for your little one. The 2.4 high-res video screen features crystal clear picture quality and the automatic infrared night-vision will allow you to see your baby in the dark.

  1. Infant Optics DXR-8

This particular device has a unique gimmick that really recommends it and this is the optical zoom lens. Other than this, it also features some less-obvious virtues that build a strong case for choosing this quite recent baby monitoring device. It has enough stand-out features that add flexibility to it and that make it worth your consideration.

  1. BT Smart Audio Baby Monitor

This is a baby monitor that will use your iOS pocket tech without having to pay a fortune for it. The device will hook up to your broadband and it will provide always on audio over 3G, 4G or WiFi to your iPad or iPhone. An app destined for Android is also on its way. You can register up to six users, and three of them are able to listen all at once. The device is simple to pair and very easy to control via the free application.

  1. VTech VM991 Safe & Sound Expandable HD Video Baby Monitor

The VTech VM991 Safe & Sound Expandable HD Video Baby Monitor is a hybrid baby monitor. It features its own 5-inch touch-screen monitor, but it also offers a free mobile application so you can watch your child from anywhere you are by using your mobile device. It features a 720p camera with mechanical pan and tilt. It is easy to install and it also sports two-way audio.

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