Best baby monitor cameras [2020 Guide]

Radu Tyrsina
by Radu Tyrsina
Founder & Editor-in-Chief
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  1. Angelcare AC1100

This is the ultimate monitoring device for extra protective parents. It has a full color 15fps CMOS video camera with IR night vision, tilt and pan, and zooming options. It has a 2.75-inch full color touch screen base unit and it also sports full temperature monitoring, night light and 200 meters range. It also features an adjustable sensitivity under-mattress sensor pad which is ideal for tracking movement.

  1. WiFi Baby 4

This is a 720p camera that you can use to check on your baby from your smartphone or your PC from anywhere you are. It is able to deliver relatively sharp daytime video and it also offers great black-and-white night video. You will get the option to set it up to record when it detects motion and sound.

Unfortunately it lack some features that other baby monitors usually have such as the ability to play lullabies, the two-way audio, and the environmental sensors.

  1. Motorola MBP8

This device offers you enough peace of mind in an excellent plug-in design. The DECT signal makes sure that you get home phone quality audio. Even if you won’t be able to enjoy the freedom of battery power, you will know all the time where your device is at least.

You’ll find it plugged into the wall somewhere in your house. It has up to 50 meter indoor range with out-of-range notifications. It also sports a high-sensitivity microphone and an ECO mode with night light.

  1. BT Digital Baby Monitor and Pacifier

Using this device you might just have a better chance of getting back to sleep if your baby is crying without having to go to their room. It features crystal clear DECT audio and its range is 50 meters indoor and 300 meters outdoor. You can choose from nineteen lullabies to soothe your baby or to turn on the mini light show that will project onto the nursery wall or on the ceiling.

It also features a temperature monitor, and you can also plug in your mp3 in it if your baby’s tastes are more Metallica than Old MacDonald Had a Farm.

  1. iSitter

This is the perfect solution in case you don’t want to carry your baby home monitor somewhere with you. You will just need two iOS devices, and you will also have to download the application. One of the devices will have to be placed near the crib, and it will stream real-time audio and also a camera images every 30 seconds to the other device. This really is a cheap solution and also an effective one.

  1. Babymoov Touch Screen Digital Video Baby Monitor

This is a premium digital video monitor that will offer the ease of a touch-screen parent unit. It also has the option to slot in an SD card (which is not included) for recording photos and also videos.

You can link up to three more cameras, and this is ideal in case you have twins or triplets. The picture quality could maybe be a little sharper, and the menus could also be friendlier with the user, but the unit features a pretty decent range of 250 meter and sensitive audio monitoring.

You have the option of adjusting the camera’s positioning even if there is no remote pan function. On the other hand, you get the option to zoom in and out. More features of this device include two-way communication, a night light, lullabies, and temperature sensors. The monitor looks and also feels robust, and you will get a lifetime warranty in case you decide to purchase it.

  1. Summer Infant Baby Glow Video Monitor

This digital video monitor makes the advanced security its selling point as it guarantees 100% digital privacy through the use of encrypted technology. It is very easy to use, and you have to charge it for five hours before you are ready to go. This portable parent unit features some functions that are pretty easy to use without having to read the instructions manual every single day. The night and day night vision displays are not crystal clear, but we can say they’re reasonable enough.

You get the option of turning off video and switching on to audio. The camera lacks a pan function, on the other hand. Ore features include two-way communication, a selection of lullabies and a changing color starry sky projection, soothing nature sounds and also EU plug adaptors.

This will turn out to be an excellent choice for traveling abroad thanks to its EU plug adaptors. It has a range clear of 200 meters, and it is reduced for the indoor locations. The device also comes with fixtures in case you want to mount the camera on the wall in your baby’s room.

All the devices that we listed above are reliable, easy to use and they offer an impressive range of functions and features to justify your investment. So, analyze them all and pick the one you think will turn out the best for suiting all of your needs to stay relaxed and your baby’s safety.


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in June 2017 and has been since updated for freshness, and accuracy.