Background function for Groove Music coming to Xbox One soon

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Background music is something Xbox One owners have always wanted to as a feature, and Microsoft promised in the past it would deliver. While the software giant isn’t rushing to bring background music to the forefront, it should be available as part of the Anniversary Update.

In a recent chat on Twitter, Mike Ybarra, the Director of Program Management for Xbox, stated that Groove Music will support background music on the Xbox One, with the feature currently active via the Preview program. We haven’t seen anyone testing out this feature as yet, so we’re guessing this Preview update hasn’t been released yet.

Now, the Groove Music app is not the one destined to have background music support. Ybarra claims other apps will support the feature as well, but it doesn’t appear as if the support will come the same time as Groove Music.

We’re quite intrigued to see how well Groove Music will perform while playing music in the background. We know the Xbox One was designed with multitasking in mind, but the implementation is not similar to how things are done on the PC. We expect the feature to be a lot better when Project Scorpio comes around during the holiday season of 2017.

Background music is mainly used by folks who like to play games with their own music playing in the background, and not that of the standard in-game music. This feature was a first on the Xbox 360, but for some odd reason, it was removed from the Xbox One. This is another sign that the Xbox One might have been a rushed product to keep up with Sony and the PlayStation 4.

Whatever the case, the feature is coming back — and that’s what matters the most.



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