Xbox One background music support now available for all users

Madalina Dinita
by Madalina Dinita
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If you want to listen to your favorite songs while playing the latest Xbox One games, you can now enable the new background music feature on Groove Music. Almost three weeks after Microsoft teased fans about this feature, users outside the Xbox Preview program can finally enjoy it.

If you haven’t installed the latest firmware on your console, go to the top right of the main dashboard screen and click on Games & Apps.
Then select the apps tab, click on Groove with the view key on your controller, and install the update. Check to see if you’re running Groove Music version 3.6.2395, and hit the play button.

This new universal app doesn’t have music videos yet, but Microsoft promises to bring them back as soon as possible. So far, the user feedback has been positive, as many praised the well-designed interface and overall app performance.

Other features brought by this update include:

  • New focus on genres in Explore. You can now see curated playlists, new releases, best new songs, top albums, and top artists all by genre. This feature is available only in the US, UK, France, Canada, and Germany.
  • Radio stations show up in Recent Plays in Your Groove.
  • Artists included in a playlist are now highlighted when you click on a playlist in Explore.
  • You can give feedback on playlists in Your Groove with a thumbs up or thumbs down. You can also mute specific songs in a Your Groove playlist if you don’t want to hear it anymore.

The fact that background music is available on the Xbox One makes many users happy, but there’s one question that remains unanswered: when will this feature be available on PCs and Windows phones?


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“The fact that background music is available on the Xbox One
makes many users happy, but there’s one question that remains
unanswered: when will this feature be available on PCs and Windows
Are you kidding me? What kind of majority-focus applications are you running on your phones and computers that make you need “background music”? What can you be doing on your phone that can not let it also run Pandora at the same time? But okay, I’ll leave you that point, as a Windows phone is lucky to be able to make a call, much less anything else. PCs, however? Nope, I can’t let that bit of stupidity just pass. How sheltered and unaware of recent history do you have to be to not know that a PC has been able to accomplish multi-tasking capabilities since before the first version of Windows came out? You don’t need a “background app” for that, you simply have to know how to use a computer that has ANY kind of media software on it. Or not even: Most PCs will play a music CD as soon as it is inserted in the “automatic drink holder”.

Seriously, think about how little sense that final caveat makes. It doesn’t sound make your writing sound more”reporterly” to ask “unsolved mysteries” at the end of your blog that were answered before you were born.