BAK signs partnership with Microsoft, will build Windows 10 tablets instead of Android

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Microsoft is quietly extending its US market coverage with a new partnership with popular tablet maker BAK USA. Starting from this month, the Buffalo-based company will be an official Microsoft OEM, tasked with preparing a few Windows 10-powered tablets for a not-so-far release.

However, what’s really interesting regarding this partnership is the new direction taken by BAK USA. In the past, the company worked with Google to create Android tablets. If you consider this, it’s more proof on what Microsoft is trying to achieve: better market coverage and products for its US clients.

BAK US is the only OEM that manufactures tablets in the US, with the capability of assembling 5,000 tablets a month and increase this number up to 40,000 a month if demand is high. Currently, the company has only 32 employees, but new jobs might be made available for those in Buffalo in the near future — a great economic benefit to the partnership.

BAK US has a short history on the market, having been founded in 2014 by Danish electronics entrepreneur JP Bak. Now, the plan is to release new tablets with prices starting from $450. So far, there aren’t any technical details on these new Windows 10-powered tablets, so we can’t offer any guesses as to what to expect.

However, according to the Buffalo News, engineers from China worked alongside the BAK development team in the development process and the OEM was able to assemble a finished product in only five months.


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