Battlefield 1 Hardcore Mode nerfed from 200% to 125%, it’s no joke

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EA recently released a new game update for Battlefield 1. Update 121316 offers a new map, interesting gameplay additions, and a bevy of general fixes and tweaks to improve your gaming experience.

Reading the patch notes, you realize how much effort EA has poured into this update. Battlefield 1 Update 121316 brings a long list of bug fixes and game improvements that fans have been requesting for quite some time. However, the update content doesn’t make all Battlefield 1 fans happy.

In this update, EA has adjusted the damage amount in Hardcore from 200% to 125% damage. Many gamers don’t agree with this decision and complain that this change turns Battlefield 1 into a kids’ game.

Battlefield 1 Hardcore Mode is not that tough

In this update we’ve adjusted the damage amount in Hardcore from 200% to 125% damage. While on paper this looks like a huge change, 125% damage will still create far more lethal up close damage, for all kits, but will prevent bolt action rifles from being one hit kill at all ranges vs all body types. Other weapons will retain their intended ranges, while still being far more lethal than the base game. These changes help us steer Hardcore down the path of feeling like a faster, meaner, more realistic base game.

Although EA’s intentions are good, Battlefield 1 fans wish the company had made other adjustments. They suggest that it could have let HC at 200% and put 5 or 6 snipers for team, where players can chose this class like they choose to spawn in a tank. Others go as far as to suggest that 250% damage instead of 200% would be better to bring the guns closer together.

On the other hand, many players think these changes are great. With an extra 25% damage with all weapons, TTK will still be a lot faster but more reasonable now. These gamers argue that Hardcore should have never been set at 200% bullet damage because it transformed the game into Sniper Elite V4.

If you’re curious to read more about the community’s feedback on these changes, go to this Battlefield 1 forum thread.



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