Battlefield 1 kills i5 CPUs, gamers are very disappointed

Madalina Dinita
by Madalina Dinita
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Battlefield 1 is finally out, allowing you to experience gruesome battles where only very few can make it alive. yes, Battlefield 1 is a killer game, especially for your i5 CPU.

According to the official system requirements, gamers should be able to run Battlefield 1 on Core i5 6600K. Of course, these are the minimum requirements, if you have an i7 processor, that’s even better. However, many gamers report Battlefield 1 literally drains their i5 CPUs. It appears this issue also affects i7 processors as well, particularly overclocked i7 CPUs.

I’ve got an overclocked 4770k and I’m on average using between 75% and 95% usage on my CPU during gameplay. Is this normal? It seems kind of much for an overclocked i7.

As one user points out, Battlefield games have been known to be taxing on CPUs. The same issues were reported on Battlefield 4, and judging by gamers’ feedback, Battlefield 1 is no exception to the rule.

Any CPU lower than a 4790k will get maxed out, regardless of what GPU gamers have. Many Battlefield 1 fans say they don’t really understand why EA/DICE took this decision in regards to CPU types, since the 4690k is the most popular gaming CPU out there.

Surprisingly, there are many gamers who run Battlefield 1 on sub-medium computers without any problem.

I have an i5-4570 @3.2GHz Turbo to 3.6GHz, 16GB RAM and GTX1070 8GB . I’m having no issues at all. Game runs like butter with all graphical options set to max. *shrug*

All in all, gamers’ reports confirm indeed that sometimes Battlefield 1 causes high CPU usage and most likely this is due to a game optimization bug. Battlefield 1 fans hope that the first patch for the game will address high CPU usage issues, but for the time being DICE has yet to issue any comments on this situation.

Have you already played Battlefield 1 on your Windows PC? Did you encounter any CPU issues?


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straight up, im telling it like it is. You got a good CPU and dont want to max out? Limit your FPS.
MSI Afterburner, whatever. Then complain about it maxing out.

The problem is that benchmarks use singleplayer scenario. 64 player servers are a totally different thing. All that destruction, the high tickrate, totally eats CPU power.
Since it runs 4 main threads (compared to 2 threads in BF4) you either need 4 very fast cores or 4 cores + hyperthreading.
My i5-3470 keeps the locked 60fps with some cfg tweaking, but there are drops here&there. Just auctioned an i7-3770 to keep my platform, I expect it to run smooth as butter with that.

In the beta of the game and the first 2 weeks of BF1 i had the same system but was using GTX960 with 4GB VRAM Then the game was running smooth around 75-80 FPS on medium settings, bougth 1070 for future and make the game look awsome. sae settings much less fps with the new card but same rig( also reinstalled Display drivers and all nvidia connected programs)

i-3 6100 gtx 750ti heavily overclocked 8gb ram on ultra locked to 61fps never drops bf1 is so broken but its in my favour haha

I got an i5 6500 3.2Ghz with 8gb of hyperx fury 2133Mhz DDR4 and a gtx 1060 g1 gamig 6gb and the game runs sooooooo……. bad it gets below 60 fps every second of the gameplay and what is driving me crazy that it’s the same whether it’s on super super low or maxed out can someone please tell me what the fu** is wrong with the game because I’m starting to feel that it was a waste of money 🙁

Set your settings to high or medium, disable Vsync for better feeling and lock your FPS to 60 FPS. Problem is if your FPS is losee, from the begining its set to 200fps and if your frames get higher, it means it uses more CPU if your CPU is starting to bottleneck your frames are gonna drop to 60 or bellow and this should not happen. Because game start to break badly. Soo set your settings on high or medium or ULTRA, and type this ” gametime.maxvariablefps 61 ” in your console in the game. And tell me what happens. Ooo put your DX settings on dx11 not dx12.

Mate. Read before commenting. He said it makes no difference at what res, and he is right becasue my issue was the same.

Mate, delete any microsoft pre-installed program you don’t use. Disable EVERYTHING in the background. Music, skype, firefox, whatever.

My i5 6500 gets an average of 50-55 fps in it when I make sure nothing is running so it should be fine for you too.

If you want to talk to a friend do it through Origin otherwise it eats you FPS (origin has to run anyways so might as well use it)

got i5 6600k,1060 6G,16G,SSD.Clean instal… and Battlefield 1 runs like SHIT/BAD/pile of crap. ect.ect..cpu like 95-100% Well godby Battlefield for me. and Welcome CS…lol

tell me how are your settings in the battlefield? Resolution, video settings and Resolution scale. U can play game normaly if your settings are set correctly

Delete any preinstalled programs and make sure you use Origin to talk to your friends. My i5 6500 can run it OK. Maxes out but I am able to get 50fps on average.

The game eats CPUs

EA is not wrong or made any typos. They just want the best for their consumers and their device’s safety. i5-6600k is the minimum that can handle less than 50% work load. If you use any CPU below that it will bottleneck or get 80-95% constant CPU usage (BAD) and you won’t get the BEST performance unless you have the latest GPU. (bad cpu+good gpu=Could work maybe) Just make sure you have a good GPU if you have a CPU below i5-6600k while playing this game. I heard people getting stuck at 40-50FPS using older i5 and i7 CPU but it could just be their poor 10 year old GPU who knows.

Bad CPU makes the game unplayable. It makes you have 15 FPS at 25% resolution scale at 480p.

Fumny tho is with ky RX 480 I also had 15 FPS at 1080p at ultra.

That is what a CPU bottleneck is like.

I had a similar experience with Guns Of Icarus when I had an Athlon CPU.

Got this too, and I got a very powerful i5, but now it ain’t enough, gonna have to get i7 a lot earlier than planned… damn it. And I set all graphics and CPU things in the game to as close to CORPSE ZERO as possible. No bleedy difference, the game still commit holocast-levels of lag and CPU murder. Won’t play even the campaign til I got my new i7. Bugger…

Graphics card is 5 years old. And it can handle the graphics fine, the game autodetected and went to Ultra High. SO yeah, thanks a lot DICE for going for i5 murder.

Was bottlenecking hard on my i5 6500 and getting pretty bad stuttering.
Overclocked it to 4400 and set max frame rate to 60-70 – got cpu usage down to about 80% and stuttering/freezing all but disappeared.
Type ‘gametime.maxvariablefps 60’ to set frame rate and replace the 60 with whatever rate works for you

Those heavy framedrops, spikes and stutter are not normal and show lack of optimization. Yet people get the idea that they need to upgrade their i5s, which is a bad result of Dice’s an EA’s release politics.

i5 6500 and RX 480 and even on low with resolution scale at 25% i’m not getting more than 40 FPS and my CPU is maxing out. WTF is going on?

i have 4690k and rx 480 and i am having same problem,i think its ram speed i have 8 gb 1333 mhz ram and my friend has 970 with same cpu but faster ram and he has stable 60 no problem.i will upgrade my ram in few days and will tell you if something changes

Ok so I got it to run. It still is an average FPS of 50, but it seems that it eats CPU.

I disabled and uninstalled EVERYTHING i didn’t use and completely turned off EVERYTHING in the background. The FPS hits 60, but goes to 30 and mostly stays in the 50 to 55 range on 1080p on ultra.

I actually ended up throwing my RX 480 in my old PC with the FX 8320 and it ran flawlessly so I am buying an i7. The game needs all the power you can give it and will use all the threads you give it.

Well, at least 8.

Go on empty server, and check your FPS and then go to full server and check your fps. Please disable all programs that run in the background in your computer, that eats your processor.

Who fucking taught you what FPS was mate?

I’ll have you know that singleplayer had nothing to do with servers ya dipshit.

And, the background stuff was using less than 5% of my CPU and even with it disabled it only gave me 10 extra FPS (good, but doesn’t help that it is eating my $250 CPU)

Also, even if servers had anything to do with FPS I have a ping of 40, 300mbps down and 80 mbps up. Not the problem.

I’m running a 6.5 year old CPU, with a GTX 970 FTW, @ 2560x1440p/60hz monitor.
i7-860 o/c’d to 3.8 ghz with hyperthreading on.

CPU usage is fine ~ 40-55% usage per thread. GPU usage is 99%.
Game Settings: Ultra / FXAA High / Post Processing Quality – Medium.

My frames are quite acceptable, ranging between 55-65 FPS, depending on the area.

I suppose I’m lucky but thus far, I see no reason to upgrade either my cpu/mb/ram, or my gpu.

It is the i7. Somehow even though my i5 is newer and probably more powerful core for core, you have hyperthreading.

My second youngest lil bro has a 1st gen i7 as well and it runs fine on his too.

I’m currently running BF1 with an i5 3570K and its always maxed out at 99%-100% usage. Ironically, I thought my problems were going to be with GPU so I had recently obtained a GTX1080 in anticipation for BF1. Though the CPU usage is maxed out, the game does run smooth and looks very pretty. I just wished it wasn’t working the CPU so hard. On average, BF4 ran between 50% and 70% usage.