Battlefield 1 Medics: Are they really doing their job?

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Battlefield 1 is a great World War 1 game that allows players to take part in epic battles they’ll remember for the rest of their lives. The game also offers gamers the possibility to choose what class of soldiers they want to play as: Assault, Support, Medic, Scout, Pilot or Tanker.

Obviously, team members who don’t get along and don’t do their job properly don’t have any chance of getting out of a battle alive. When gamers are severely hurt, Medics are their only hope to continue fighting on. However, judging by recent Battlefield 1 reports, it appears that Medics aren’t really doing their job.

Many players complain that Medics deliberately refuse to help wounded soldiers. According to reports, Medics don’t do anything to help other soldiers even when they are two or three feet away from them with no enemies around. Some players even say that Battlefield 1 is the opposite of Battlefield 3 and 4, where they were constantly getting revived under gunfire.

So these players should do us all a favor and just equip the AV rifle grenades if they’re not interested in reviving. I have to admit that I prefer medic because I enjoy semi auto rifles. Just from a gameplay perspective, I find them more fun. But if I’m not playing with friends, my revives feel like they’re wasted 80% of the time.

Many gamers accuse Medics of not understanding that Battlefield 1 is actually a team-based game. On the other hand, Medics argue that they’re not willing to commit suicide just to save a couple of soldiers who know nothing about war tactics.

All in all, it appears there is a vicious war going on between the Medic class and all the other soldier classes. Fortunately, there are also gamers who don’t agree with the majority of players who accuse the Medics of not doing their job.

Man i seriously don’t get all of these posts. it’s actually getting pretty annoying. In my experience so far, medics have been far more active in this game than any previous battlefield I’ve played. I’m being healed/revived left and right and I do the same when i play the class. Hope that gets better for you guys out there.

How has your relationship with Medics been so far? Tell us more about your experience in the comment section below.



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