Battlefield 1 December Update brings its fair share of issues

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Battlefield 1 recently received a major update that adds new game features, as well as many bug fixes. The December Patch significantly improves the Battlefield 1 gaming experience, especially if you also install the latest Nvidia Game Ready Driver.

Unfortunately, the latest Battlefield 1 patch also brings issues of its own. According to gamers’ report, the update causes FPS rate drops, game freezes and screen flickering, among other issues.

Battlefield 1 December Update bugs

Battlefield 1 CPU lag spikes

battlefield 1 CPU lag

Even after installing the latest Battlefield 1 update, some players still experience lag spikes, making the game unplayable. Gamers confirm they already tried all the possible gfx settings and installed the latest Nvidia 376.33 driver, but they still can’t get rid of the CPU lag. Completely reinstalling the game doesn’t help either. Battlefield 1 is still affected by micro-freezes every 15 seconds.

Before the patch, I get rid about it with “Thread.MaxProcessorCount 4 ” at user.cfg. But now, it’s unplayable again! […]
Most of my mates are also on Win7 with 5 years old hardware like AMD X4 995BE, Core I5 and older GeForce 600 models – only me and two of my friends (both also with Core i7 cpu) got this stupid lag spikes bug again!

Gamers connect to empty Operation servers

After installing the latest Battlefield 1 patch, some gamers join only empty Operation missions, re-spawning on empty servers. This is not the first time when users have criticized Battlefield 1’s lack of transparency regarding server information.

Players have long been requesting EA Dice to allow them to view servers in a way that gives them a choice of location, number of players, game mode, and so on. EA has yet to issues any comments on this matter.

BF1 loses 20 to 30 FPS after the Patch

Many gamers report that the latest Battlefield 1 update causes FPS rate drops and stuttering. It appears that the players affected by this issue lose, on average, 20 to 30 FPS. There is also a temporary solution available and it involves switching the graphic settings on low or on medium to get constant 60 FPS.

made lot of tests today and I know now what option is responsible for my FPS drop about 8-10 fps after the newest patch.
It’s POST PROCESS quality. All my graphics settings were on ultra yesterday. Today I’ve downloaded the patch. I noticed FPS drops about 8-10 fps on each map.

BF1 flickering

After installing the latest Battlefield 1 and Nvidia driver updates, gamers confirm that the annoying flickering issue has been significantly reduced. Nonetheless, flickering hasn’t been completely removed.

Also in the game I haven’t noticed any flickering, but when I wanted to change KeyBindings while in game I have noticed a bit flickering. Not that much like it was earlier, but I say 10% of flickering stayed…

Battlefield 1 freezes

When players want to bring Battlefield 1 to full screen, the game simply freezes, but keeps running in the background. If you’re experiencing this issue, use the following workaround and see if it helps you:

1. Run the game in window mode

2. Go to C:UsersXXXXXDocumentsBattlefield 1settings > PROFSAVE_profile

3. Alter the following values:
GstRender.Dx12AutoDetect 0
GstRender.Dx12Enabled 0
GstRender.Dx12KillSwitch 0

When I launch Battlefield it opens in a little window, and its loading like it use too.. When I click the window to make it full screen the game freeze instantly.. But when i Click ex. Multiplayer it does nothing. but when I click ALT+TAB and go to windows screen and back. its loaded. so everytime i click something and ALT+TAB it does 1 frame at a time.

These are the most common post-patch bugs reported by Battlefield 1 players. If you’ve encountered other issues, use the comment section below to tell us more about your experience.


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