Battlefield 2042 is the triple A title that everyone’s waiting for

by Alexandru Poloboc
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  • Today is the big day for Battlefield fans, as the reveal for Battlefield 6 is finally here.
  • From leaks on the internet, it seems like the game will be known as Battlefield 2042.
  • The release date for the game, apparently, is said to be on the 15th of October 2021.
  • Fans rejoice as they could be expecting a Beta version to be available even later this month.
Battlefield 6 reveal

Quick question: Are you one of the die-hard Battlefield franchise fans? If you answered yes without batting an eye, than this news is for you especially.

We know that every shooter fan out there is expecting the next title related to this game series, so you can all rejoice, as your prayers have been indeed heard by someone up there.

Battlefield 2042 is coming to Windows PCs, Xbox and PS

The excitement is building up and everyone is at the edge of their seats, waiting for the big reveal of what Battlefield 6 will be.

Social media just won’t shut up about this subject, and let’s be honest, why would they even do it? From the previews available at the moment, it looks like a blockbuster of a game.

With the title, along with a slice of the game’s cover art already leaked, it looks more and more plausible that Battlefield 6 will actually be known as Battlefield 2042.

Rumors related to this game indicate that its maps will be much larger than any previous title in the franchise, and the action takes place in a much more futuristic environment than other prequels.

It would appear that the official release date for this highly anticipated game will be the 15th of October 2021. Acceptable, considering we are almost four months away.

Leaks also suggested that a beta version could be coming later this month, following a private testing session for big content creators & streamers.

So, in other words, lots to look forward to in the near future, gaming wise.

Where can I watch the Battlefield reveal?

We got you covered here as well, because we know that you, along with millions of other users worldwide, would like to experience this big reveal first hand.

Below you have the Youtube link for the event, so you can enjoy it and get even more hyped about your new favorite game this year.

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