We aren’t getting the first season of Battlefield 2042 until March 2022

by Alexandru Poloboc
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  • Disappointment among Battlefield 2042 players after learning about the game's fate.
  • New information has shed some light on the release date of the game's first season.
  • Even though Call of Duty Vanguard's seasonal race started, Battlefield is left behind.
  • Apparently, 2042 players will also get their turn starting with March 2022, not sooner.
battlefield 2042 season 1

Everyone is excited about the new Battlefield title, and rightfully so, as this blockbuster of an action game has breathtaking graphics and takes you right into the middle of the actions, as few other titles can.

Since it came out, players had nothing but good things to say about it, even though, as with every other game in existence, it has struggled with some bugs of its own.

However, everyone is still wondering when the first season is coming out, seeing how Call of Duty players have already begun the seasonal objectives.

Developers are still working on eliminating bugs

Given the allegedly rough development of Battlefield 2042 inside EA DICE, it’s understandable that the developer has pushed back the first season to continue on bug fixes and the overall polish of the game.

The data-mined information also suggests season one’s new map will be called Exposure, which will be based in a research facility in British Columbia.

Creators have also included the pre-match exposition you’ll hear depending on which faction you decide to play as.

If we think about it, the wait isn’t really that long. However, that being said, this perspective changes depending on the level of enthusiasm and anticipation that die-hard fans of the series exhibit.

Some Battlefield players even feel a bit left out, seeing that people that chose Call of Duty Vanguard instead of Battlefield 2042, are already well underway in the first season.

But we’re pretty much sure that the wait will be worth it, and we expect developers to also throw in some goodies, just to sweeten the pot, given the patience required.

We’ll keep an open eye on changes that involve the first season of Battlefield 2042 and keep you posted as soon as we learn anything.

Did you enjoy the winter event released last week, where players had to wear Santa and Elf masks and take each other on in an infected-style game mode?

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