BBC Could Launch its Official App for Windows 10

by Ivan Jenic
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BBC’s official app is available on Android and iOS operating systems, but Windows Phone users are currently unable to use it. But, after a lot of requests and feedbacks, BBC may now consider to launch it’s app for Windows Phone platforms.
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BBC regularly updates its iOS and Android apps. The most recent update for mentioned platforms allows users to personalize the app by their needs. But we still don’t have a Windows Phone app of the World’s oldest and one of the most renowned broadcasting company, as BBC stated that “there is no plan at present for a version for Windows Phone or other ecosystems.”

Some time ago, in the official blog post, BBC revealed that a lot of users are asking why the company decided not to release the app for Windows platforms and if the app will ever be released. After all these requests and questions, BBC said that they might consider releasing the app for Windows 10 platforms, because the cross-platform operating system could be profitable for the company.

“Following the announcements of Windows 10 last week, we will discuss with Microsoft the new cross device app opportunities that are now available,” BBC stated.

Until BBC decide whether there will be the Windows 10 app or not, the company will continue to update its current apps, as the updated versions of the app are already in the Play Store and iTunes, and version for Amazon App Store will arrive in the next few weeks.

BBC definitely should consider releasing the full, official app for Windows 10 platforms because the cross-platform operating system brings a lot more users than a ‘single-platform’ operating system, and BBC should keep that in mind. What do you think, will BBC ever release the Windows 10 app, and if it happens, what do you expect from the app?

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