7 Best Gaming Headsets for Windows 10 [2020 Guide]

Madalina Dinita
by Madalina Dinita
Managing Editor
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Creative Sound BlasterX H7 7.1


Choosing a gaming headset can be a huge challenge because there are many products on the market that may promise a lot but after using them, you realize the performance is not up to snuff.

In a creative and inspired move, the well-known audio card producer for computers introduced a high-performance headset to the market. The SoundBlaster H7 model, a part of the company’s lineup of audio solutions, is intended for PC gamers. This model combines comfort and durability with the best performance. The Blaster X comes with two ports for controlling your sound: an analog one for mobile devices and a USB one for PC.

When you connect the device via USB, a setup menu will be displayed to configure the sound according to your preferences. This menu has an extension that lets you customize the sound for every game installed on your system. This feature will save a lot of time because you will no longer have to redo the sound settings every time you start a game.

The design is very attractive and comfortable. The finishing is made from a mixture of soft-touch plastics and the ear cups are made from memory foam sponge in order to mold on any ear. All of these are fixed on a steel and aluminum-resistant structure.

Sound clarity is provided by full spectrum 50mm responsive drivers. This is one of the loudest headsets, rated at 118dB/mW. The microphone is fully detachable, so you can remove it when you do not need it so as to make your device more compact.

Blue Lola


Blue is a company recognized for the production of high-quality microphones, but in 2014 it began to introduce headsets to the market. Lola is the successor of the first model introduced on the market, the Mo-Fi. We probably expect this headset won’t live up to your expectations because it is the second product of this kind, but it is not true: Lola can actually compete with any top headset from the market.

This headset comes with a slightly different design than other products on the market because it comes equipped with articulated arms and ear cups to set your headphone position according to your own preferences. The sound quality is assured by the 50mm fiber-reinforced dynamic drivers and thanks to the high-quality microphone, you will always experience excellent communication with friends or teammates.

The headset comes in two models: a blue one and a white one with no price difference.



This ASUS headset provides excellent sound quality thanks to the 10 neodymium magnets divided into two ear cups to provide full 7.1 surround sound.

You do not need external software to configure the device because the headphones come equipped with a control station with which you can adjust the headset in real time to suit your preferences.The station comes with four presets with optimal configurations for four types of games: Gun Mode for FPS games, Foot Step Detection mode for FPS games, Racing Games mode and RPG mode. These presets will save a lot of your time because you will no longer have to configure your settings every time you start up a game.

The design of this headset is very attractive and comfortable. On the outside of the ear cups, you have two owl eyes that are fully customizable from static to dynamic. On the inside, you have artificial leather pillows that prevent sweating.

This is a professional product made for long gaming sessions.

LucidSound LS30


This headset gets out of the gaming headsets line through its unique design. The LucidSound developers used a sharp, elegant and minimalist design for this model, totally different from the design you have been used to until now. Its revolutionary design allows easy access to several functions for sound configuration: game volume, chat volume, and microphone volume. It is very easy to use those buttons because the volume is controlled by rotating a dial on the ear cup and the mute function is performed by pressing a button in the center of the dial.

The headset can be used with your PC through the wireless function and all you need to do to connect the product to mobile devices is to unplug the microphone and connect the 3.5mm analog audio cable to your smartphone or tablet. It is designed for long gaming sessions because the battery has a life range of 12 hours and the interior design of the ear cups is made from a material which allows the air to circulate and does not bother the user.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in September 2016 and has been since updated for freshness, and accuracy.