30+ best mouse pads for gaming

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What are the best gaming mouse pads

Ktrio Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

This Ktrio 35.4 x 15.7 inches mousepad gets things to a whole new level because its XXXL size is large enough to fit your mouse, gaming keyboard and all other desk items.

This comes as a great thing because this mousepad also has a waterproof coating that will prevent damage from spilled drinks. The liquid will remain on the surface as droplets that can be easily wiped with a normal dry cloth.

Ktrio gaming mouse pad has an ultra-smooth surface thanks to the high-quality Lycra cloth for smooth gliding. It was optimized on fast movement while maintaining excellent accuracy and control.

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Roccat Taito Control

First gaming mouse pad on our list is Roccat Taito Control. This mouse pad comes in two sizes, medium and compact. The medium size pad measures 400 x 320mm while the small one is 275 x 220mm in size.

This mouse pad is durable so it will withstand hours of intense gaming, but besides durability the pad also offers smooth surface and precision.

The pad is 3mm thick and it has a stitched border that won’t get worn out after hours of usage. There’s also a rubberized backing so the pad won’t move while using it. As for the design, this gaming pad comes in black color with a light blue edge offering a minimalistic design.

Roccat Taito Control is a solid gaming mouse pad, and it offers smooth and large surface along with decent durability.

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Logitech G440

If you’re looking for a gaming mouse pad, Logitech G440 might be just what you need. This pad has an ultra low surface friction so it offers high sensitivity. As for the surface, it’s made from polyethylene that allows you to move your mouse using minimal force.

Logitech G440 has a rubber base ensuring your mouse pad stays in its position even during intense gaming sessions.

It comes with three different layers. The surface is made from polypropylene so it reduces the friction. Second layer is high-impact polystyrene core that offers a solid foundation.

Lastly, there’s a rubber surface at the bottom ensuring your mouse pad isn’t moving during intense gaming sessions.

As for the size, this mouse pad measures 11.03 inches in height and 13.39 inches in width.

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Corsair MM300

Using a larger mouse pad has its advantages, and if you prefer larger mouse pads, you might want to consider this model. The pad has a smooth and durable surface, and thanks to the stitched edges you won’t have any issues with fraying. This pad comes with textile-weave and it offers consistent accuracy along with low friction.

This pad is compatible with a wide range of peripherals and it should work perfectly with any laser or optical mouse. Of course, the pad comes with anti-skid rubber base so it will remain fixed in place during gaming sessions.

As for the size, this mouse pad is 930mm x 300mm x 3mm in size, so it’s not the most compact pad on our list. However, if you need a large mouse pad that offers precision and durability, we highly recommend you consider Corsair MM300.

In addition to precision, this mouse pad offers great design, so it will be perfect for every gamer.

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Benvo Extended Mouse Pad

If you’re looking for a work pad more than a mouse pad, the Benvo Extended Mouse Pad offers XXL dimmensions: 35.4”x15.7”x0.12″. That means that you will be able to fit most of your desk items on it, not only tour mouse.

The thick cloth padding surface of the mousepad allows for optimum speed and accurate control while gaming. Of course, on the other side you will find an anti-slip rubber base that provides heavy grip preventing sliding or movement of the mouse pad.

Lastly, although it covers a lot of desk space, it 0.12 inches thick so you can easily roll it and transport it.

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JIALONG Gaming Mouse Pad

The JIALONG mousepad offers an XXL surface perfect for low-DPI gamers and extended arm movements. And the non-slip rubber material base holds the mouse pad still on any surface you might lay it on.

It’s easy to clean and it has a special coating that is effectively preventing any accidental damage from spilled liquids. And if needed, you can wash it in the washing machine just to to keep things clean on your desktop.

The mousepad has the dimensions of 35.43 X 15.75X 0.12 inches.

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Havit RGB Gaming Mouse Pad

If you’re looking for a nice, cool area for your gaming desktop, the Havit RGB gaming mouse pad features 7 static light modes and 7 dynamic modes for the lighting.

The 31.5×11.8×0.16 inches pad is made of super fiber and soft soft cloth surface with a non-slip rubber base. 

This extended mouse pad is powered by USB and it’s plug and play so you can forget about drivers or any other complicate settings. The USB cable is detachable so you can easily plug it out, roll it and take it with you wherever you go.

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