30+ best mouse pads for gaming

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What are the best gaming mouse pads

Razer Sphex V2

Another gaming mouse pad that we want to show you is Razer Sphex V2. This is an ultra-thin mouse pad, so it’s perfect if you don’t want any extra elevation from the desk.

As for the thickness, this pad is only 0.02 inches thin, so it’s rather slim and lightweight. The pad is optimized for speed and control and it works perfectly with any type of mouse.

Despite the ultra-thin design, this mouse pad has an extra durable polycarbonate surface. Thanks to the extra durability, this mouse pad will withstand hours of intense gaming sessions. It’s worth mentioning that this pad comes with adhesive base so it will remain in place during gaming sessions.

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Reflex Lab Large Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

If you’re looking for a larger mouse pad, you should definitely check out products from Reflex Lab. This mouse pad comes with ultra smooth surface so it offers low resistance allowing you to move your mouse easily. The pad is 5 mm thick so it’s rather comfortable to use and it won’t cause fatigue after long gaming sessions.

It’s worth mentioning that this gaming pad comes with waterproof coating so your mouse pad will remain protected from accidental spills. Of course, the pad has anti-slip rubber bottom ensuring your mouse pad stands still even during intense gaming sessions.

This pad also has high quality stitched edges in order to prevent fraying. In addition to durability, the pad is also machine washable so you can easily clean it. Regarding the size, the pad measures 36”x12” so it offers enough space.

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Corsair MM200 Control

Good mouse pad doesn’t have to be expensive, and if you’re looking for a new gaming mouse pad, we have to recommend Corsair MM200 Control.

The pad offers great control and accuracy thanks to the textile-weave surface. Of course, the pad is optimized for all kinds of mice, so it will work perfectly with both laser and optical models.

As for the size, this mouse pad is 360mm x 300mm x 2mm so it’s not the largest or the softest mouse pad on our list. If you find this pad to be too small for your needs, there’s also an extended model available, so you might want to consider it instead.

The pad has anti-skid rubber base ensuring your mouse pad remains steady during the gaming sessions. Corsair MM200 Control is a simple mouse pad, and it’s perfect if you prefer thinner pads.

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Logitech G640

Another great mouse pad for gaming is Logitech G640. This pad comes with moderate friction which is perfect if you use low-DPI settings for your mouse. Speaking of surface, the pad has a clean and consistent texture on it. As a result, all your mouse movement will be perfectly translated.

The pad also has a rubber base that will keep it in place while using it. It’s worth mentioning that this mouse pad has a soft fabric that offers comfort while reducing the wrist fatigue. Lastly, this mouse pad is flexible and you can easily roll it and carry it with you.

Logitech G640 offers a simple design, and it will be perfect for any gamer. As for the size, this pad is 15.75 in x 18.11 in x 0.10 in so it offers more than enough space.

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HyperX Fury S Pro

If you’re looking for a stable gaming mouse pad, you should definitely consider this model. This pad has anti-fray stitched edges so it offers solid durability. The pad has a densely woven fabric that offers fine texture ensuring precision with your optical mouse.

The surface is made from soft cloth so it offers comfort to your wrist while using it.

At the bottom, there’s a layer of rubber ensuring your mouse pad remains perfectly still even during intense gaming sessions. HyperX Fury SPro is durable and with the densely woven surface, it will be perfect for any optical mouse.

This mouse pad is available in four different sizes, and the smallest one is 290mm x 240mm while the extra large one is 900mm x 420mm.

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Cougar Arena

Using a larger mouse pad has its advantages, and if you’re fan of larger pads, today we might have the perfect model for you. Cougar Arena is a large mouse pad so it offers more than enough space for all your gaming needs.

Despite its large size, this pad also offers waterproof design as well as stitched borders. The pad is 5mm thick, so it will provide enough comfort during intense gaming sessions.

The bottom of the pad is covered with rubber, but the rubber comes with wave-shaped design ensuring the stability of your mouse pad. As for the top surface, it’s made from cloth and it offers solid precision during gaming sessions. This pad measures 31.49 in x 11.81 in size so it provides more than enough space.

Cougar Arena comes with a solid and durable design, and the top surface is covered by a full-width Cougar logo. The surface looks visually appealing, but some users might prefer a more subtle design.

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Another mouse pad for gaming that you might want to check out is BenQ ZOWIE G-SR. This is a cloth mouse pad, but it comes with rubber base ensuring your mouse pad remains still during gaming sessions.

The top surface is smooth and with even texture it provides great accuracy. Regarding the compatibility, this mouse pad will work with any type of mice. As for the size, this pad is 18.9 x 15.7 x 0.14 inch so it offers enough space for all your needs.

BenQ ZOWIE G-SR is a solid mouse pad, and it will be perfect for gamers that prefer larger gaming pads.

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