30+ best mouse pads for gaming

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What are the best gaming mouse pads


If you’re looking for a wide gaming mouse pad, you should definitely consider Vipamz Extended XXL. This pad is 36×12 in in size, so it offers more than enough space for serious gamers. Due to its large size, you can easily place both your keyboard and mouse on this mouse pad.

The pad has a smooth cloth surface providing you with optimum speed and accuracy during gaming sessions. There’s also a rubber base that will prevent slipping and keep your mouse pad in place.

It’s worth mentioning that this mouse pad is rather comfortable so you won’t experience any fatigue. The pad doesn’t have any uneven surfaces so you can freely move your mouse. Vipamz Extended XLL is also durable thanks to the waterproof design and anti-fraying edges.

This is a great mouse pad, and there are models with black or red edges. If this model is too big for you, you should know that there are also smaller models available.

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Kingston Technology HyperX Skyn

If you prefer ultra-thin mouse pads, Kingston Technology HyperX Skyn might be perfect for you. This mouse pad is paper-thin, and it offers a hard surface for your mouse. Due to its ultra-thin design, this mouse pad offers almost no transition between your desk and the pad.

The pad is optimized for extensive use, and it comes with an anti-microbial surface that prevents dirt and bacteria buildup.

The bottom of the pad is adhesive so it will keep your mouse pad in place during intense gaming sessions. The surface is smooth and optimized for fast mouse movement. Speaking of mice, we have to mention that this pad is fully compatible with both laser and optical mice.

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Roccat Sense

Another great mouse pad that we want to show you is Roccat Sense. This pad is made from ultra-soft cloth and it has a friction-reducing microcrystalline coating. As a result, this pad offers both speed and precision during gaming sessions. Regarding the size, this mouse pad is 400x280mm in size so it offers enough space for most gamers.

Speaking of size, Roccat Sense is only 2mm thin, so it’s perfect for gamers that prefer thinner mouse pads. Just like most mousepads, this one also comes with a rubber bottom so it will stand still during your gaming sessions.

Roccat Sense is a solid mouse pad for gamers, and it comes with an attractive design. However, if you prefer more subtle mouse pads, this pad might not be for you.

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Razer Manticor

If you’re looking for a subtle gaming mouse pad, you should consider Razer Manticor. This mouse pad has a minimalistic design and it’s made from aircraft-grade aluminum. As a result, the pad is rather durable and thanks to the sand-blasted texture on the surface it provides you with great precision.

This pad is rather thin and it measures 0.09”. As for size, this pad is 13.98”x10.04” so it offers enough space for all types of gamers. Of course, the pad has a rubber base that keeps it in place even during the most intense gaming sessions.

Razer Manticor offers amazing design, durability, and performance. This is a great mouse pad for gamers, and you can get it on Amazon.

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Mad Catz Glide 6

Another great mouse pad for gamers is Mad Catz Glide 6. This is a hybrid mouse pad, and it’s made from both cloth and silicone. As a result, this mouse pad works perfectly with any kind of mice. In addition to great design, the pad also offers solid control and maximum accuracy.

The pad has a 3D cloth surface that offers 400% boost in sensor performance according to the manufacturer. The surface is smooth so you won’t experience any sudden mouse jumps during gaming sessions.

The pad also offers decent durability with its waterproof design and head-bonded edges. As a result, your edges won’t fray and the pad will last longer. Thanks to the smooth edges, your wrist will always be comfortable, even during prolonged gaming sessions.

As for the size, this pad is 150% larger than other standard mouse pads on the market, so it offers more than enough space. Mad Catz Glide 6 is a solid mouse pad, and it offers a great and durable design.

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If you’re a gamer it’s important to have a proper gaming mouse pad. We covered various gaming mouse pads, and most of them are relatively affordable, so we’re certain you’ll find a suitable model for you.

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