Best Windows 8 Apps & Games for This Month [February 2014]

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As I was saying in the post with the best Windows 8 app for this week, we have changed the structure of our “Best Windows 8 Apps” articles, and we now have a bigger list with organized per months. This has appeared due to the requests of our readers and the interested in weekly discounted Windows 8 apps and games, as well.
best windows 8 apps february 2014We have tried to pick plenty of Windows 8 apps and games and to offer you a good diversity, that’s why we have decided to group them into two main categories – Windows 8 apps and Windows 8 games. In our opinion, these are the best titles that you need to download in the first place for the second month of 2014 – February. If you happen to know some other awesome Windows 8 apps and games, let us know by leaving your comment below. Let me specify once more, as well, that not all of these are necessarily new Windows 8 apps, they are just part of our list of recommendations for February, 2014, with most of them being new, though.

Also, you will see that many of the links will point you to the reviews that we have already did here on the website, so that way you can read what the app or game is about and then decide if it’s worth downloading or buying. So, without further ado, let’s proceed. There is no particular order, so the last one in this list is just as good as the first one.

Best Windows 8 games in the Windows Store

Wreck-it Ralph

windows 8 wreck-it ralphThe famous Disney game Wreck-it Ralph has been recently made available in the Windows Store for Windows 8 users, and it comes with tons of hours of fun. As you can see in the above screenshot, you can also play the Fix-it Felix Junior game, as well.

Cue Breakers

windows 8 pool gameIf you are a lover of billiards games, just like me, then you probably are on the lookout for a cool pool game to download on your Windows 8 tablet or desktop device. Cue Breakers is one of the best billiards games currently available in the Windows Store.

Hangman Pro

windows 8 hangmanThe well-known classical game Hangman can be played on your Windows 8 device thanks to the plethora of titles available in the Store, but Hangman Pro is without a doubt one of the best 5 to use.

Fate of the Pharaoh

fate of the pharaoh windows 8We’ve featured plenty of Windows 8 strategy games, and Fate of the Pharaoh is one of them. Download the game and start building your own Egyptian empire and guard it against enemies in this really entertaining game.

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Tennis in the Face

windows 8 tennis gameTennis in the Face was initially launched for iOS and Android users and has proved to be a huge hit. Not, it has launched a Windows 8 version that is just as awesome – makes you laugh in a beautifully designed environment.

Big Buck Hunter

windows 8 hunting gameIf you enjoy hunting games (and not hunting animals!) and you also happen to own a Windows 8 device, then Big Buck Hunter is probably the best hunting game currently available in the Windows Store.

Field & Stream Fishing

windows 8 fishing appAlright, now that we have talked about a hunting game for Windows 8, it’s time to please fishers, as well. Also released by the Microsoft Studios, Field & Stream Fishing lets you experience the pleasure of fishing straight on your Windows 8 device.


windows 8 catanCatan is a cool board game that has been remade into a strategy game under this new Windows 8 title. With a design that is somehow reminiscent of the Civilizations series, this is a must-have for lovers of the genre.

Ancient Rome 2

windows 8 strategy game ancient rome 2Ancient Rome 2 is another Windows 8 strategy game that has been recently launched in the Windows Store by a Russian mobile developing company. The game looks like the good old Caesar game and comes with a really awesome design.

Fantastic Farm

windows 8 fantastic farmThere are many lovers of the farming genre, and in the past we have reviewed the Farming Simulator game for Windows 8, as well. Fantastic Farm is another farming game released especially for Windows 8 touch users that will seem really cool to anybody.

Mini Golf Mundo

windows 8 golf gameWhat about playing golf on your Windows 8 tablet? Mini Golf Mundo seems to be the best golf game for Windows 8 users, but you can also have a look at the Super Golf Land that we have featured in the title, as well.

Medieval Apocalypse

windows 8 role playing gameOk, this is the last strategy game for Windows 8 that we’re talking about; however, it is the single RPG game in our list for February 2014. While Medieval Apocalypse still needs plenty of improvements, it’s ok for starters.

Best Windows 8 apps in the Windows Store


windows 8 comics appComics look really cool on any device, especially on tablets, and if you own a Windows 8 slate, then you need to download Comixology, which is definitely the best Windows 8 comics app currently available.

Jamie Oliver’s Recipes

windows 8 jamie oliver appWe’ve featured plenty of Windows 8 cooking and recipe apps, but if you’re up for some more, then what better personality to follow in the art of cooking than Jamie Oliver. His official Windows 8 cooking app looks amazing and comes with hiqh-quality design.

Museums of the World

windows 8 museum appExploring museums from your Windows 8 device is really useful and entertaining when you have the right application at your disposal. Museums of the World is one such title and I invite you to explore it.

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windows 8 zaraZara is a well-known fashion brand all over the world and I myself use to go there to buy jeans because I trust in their quality. The official Windows 8 Zara app will let you browse the latest catalog, locate stores nearby and even shop online.


windows 8 sleep meditation appThis new Windows 8 app represents a beautiful mix between meditation and sleep, so download it if you’re in need of both these features. NatureSpace for Windows 8 is an awesome app and you shouldn’t miss it.


windows 8 meme generator appMaking memes from your Windows 8 device becomes really easy when you know the right app to use. Meme-Generator is a really simple meme making app for Windows 8 users that you can use free of charge.

The Huffington Post

windows 8 huffington postThe Huffington Post is one of the most known online newspapers in the world with millions of readers. If you have been following it on its website, but you now own a Windows 8 device, then why not get the official app, as well.


craigslist classifieds windows 8 appWe have shared many awesome Windows 8 apps to experience the Craigslist service, but Qwilo is a new Windows 8 app that is beautifully designed and, according to them, the single fully certified Craigslist client.

Drawboard PDF

Windows 8 will open .PDF files by default, but you need more features such as annotating and editing PDF files. Drawboard PDF has been met with a lot of enthusiasm and plenty of downloads, so go ahead and get it if you missed downloading it.


windows 8 chaton appSamsung’s official ChatOn app for Windows 8 users has been launched in the Windows Store not only as a companion app, but also a standalone service, so go ahead and read more about it if you’re interested.

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