Microsoft Bing’s Content Submission API is now in Beta phase

by Teodor Nechita
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  • When using Bing, webmasters do not have to wait for their content to be crawled and indexed.
  • Via Bing URL submission webmasters can easily inform Bing about the latest added, updated, or deleted URL.
  • In a recent blog post, Bing presented the Content Submission API, available only for selected partners at the moment.
  • This option allows webmasters to notify Bing directly about content changes as well, reducing the crawl load on their sites
Bing is Microsoft's next overhaul to change the virtual office

For webmasters using Bing is not new that they don’t have to wait for their product to be crawled as they can tell Bing about the latest changes in their sites.

In a recent blog post, Bing announced that the Content Submission API is now in the public beta phase and the usage of Content Submission is limited to selected partners.

Up until now, webmasters were able to notify Bing about URL changes through the Bing URL submission API but now they will be able to do this directly via Bing Content Submission API.

Thanks to this update, webmasters will reach more relevant users quicker and will reduce the load time on their sites.

Bing Content Submission API

  1. Make sure to sign in to your account
  2. Add and verify the site you want to submit the URL for.
  3. Next, click on the Setting button and click on the Generate API key.
  4. Use any of the presented protocol to integrate the Webmaster API SubmitContent into your system.

Once the submission of the content is completed successfully you will receive an HTTP 200 response and considering that your Bing webmaster guidelines are also met, your pages will be crawled and indexed in real time.

By using the method presented above, Bingo will be immediately notified that there is new content added on your site.

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