Bing Maps adds truck-routing support alongside improved search accuracy

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The team from Bing Maps recently revealed a bunch of fresh new features coming to developers and enterprise customers.

Bing also announced the novelties on its blog:

It is with immense pleasure that we can announce not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, but 5 new services for you – and that is in addition to new features and enhancements we brought to our existing services.

Let’s have a look at each and every one of them.

  1. Project Johannesburg

This project will offer a new truck-routing service targeted at professional transportation services and will take into consideration truck attributes and preferences. Long, wide, heavy vehicles or those that carry hazardous materials won’t be able to leverage the same routing service as normal vehicles.

  1. Project Abu-Dhabi

This involves the advanced implementation of a distance matrix API. The project will include a histogram of travel times taking into consideration predicted traffic and will implement a time-window and improve the stops for various deliveries for customer service.

  1. Project Nanjing

Nanjing will provide time-specific isochrones for more accurate searches across time and space. According to Bing’s blog, “Using isochrones, one can answer questions, such as ‘Where should I live if I don’t want to commute more than 45 minutes? or ‘What service engineer can make it to the customer in the next 45 minutes?’.”

  1. Project Wollongong

This update will implement an API allowing users to provide a score for the attractiveness of a location based on various criteria.

  1. Project Hurghada

With Project Hurghada, Bing brings a tracking solution to small/medium sized teams. Using it, you’ll be able to deploy a solution into your Microsoft Azure subscription and leverage a mobile app for iOS, Android, and Windows. Hurghada will feature trip detection, email notifications, and geofencing.

More updates and new features coming from Bing include customizable map styles and imagery refreshes, and you can find out more about them on Bing’s blog.



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