Bing Maps Windows 8, 10 App Updated With Many New Features

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Many of us are still waiting for an official Google Maps app for Windows 8, but there are plenty users for Microsoft’s own Bing Maps Windows 8 app, as well. It is included by default in your Windows 8 device, so unless you’ve checked to install updates yourself, you don’t even know that it has received a big update.
bing maps windows 8
As I’ve said, in the absence of the official Google Maps app for Windows 8 users, the default Bing Maps is the best solution when it comes to navigation and finding directions from your Windows 8 devices. Besides letting you discover addresses, businesses, restaurants, hotels, parking and various events and attractions in your local area or getting detailed business information, you can also use it to check traffic condition and many other features.

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Bing Maps app for Windows 8 updated

Let the Bing Maps app bring the world to your fingertips. With stunning aerial and satellite imagery, comprehensive road coverage, and extensive local listings the Maps app makes it easier than ever to find and get directions to locations, businesses and events across the globe. With Windows 8.1, Bing also brings your social network and personalized recommendations to the Maps app. Sign in with your Facebook credentials to get picks for you, discover what businesses your friends like, and see what’s popular in your area.

The changelog for this update is pretty big but it also contains some changes from the last update. The reason for that is that some markets have received the new features later than the United States Windows 8 users, so the new update is making sure that everybody has received the improvement. Now, the official Windows 8 Bing Maps app comes with Facebook sign-in, Personalized Local Scout and it is also Integrated with Bing Smart Search, Bing Travel and Bing Weather Windows 8 apps.

So, if you haven’t received yet these new features, now you will definitely get them, so follow the link from below to see how the changelog official looks like and have a look at some screenshots with the app, as well, because you already have it running.

Download Bing Maps app for Windows 8


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