Bing search to display tweets in a better way

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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A new report claims Microsoft is working on some new improvements for its Bing search engine geared towards displaying tweets in a search query. The search engine already does this, but Microsoft is apparently working on a better method that should be more beneficial to users.

The information was released by SEO enthusiast Ruben Gomez, although he quickly noted that nothing was revealed as to when this improvement would be rolled out — or if it would be at all. What we do know, however, is won’t be possible to simply see the new improvement in action without making some changes to your web browser.

Here’s what interested folks need to do in order to trigger the new feature, according to Gomez:

Go to Bing and load your browser’s developer console:

  • Google Chrome: Tools, Developer Tools
  • Mozilla Firefox: Web Developer, Web Console
  • Internet Explorer: Developer Tools (F12), Console

Copy and paste the following code: 09A74265B87C629633194B6AB944635B

Press Enter and you’ll see the experiment. If doesn’t work, try this other method:

  • Open Chrome and install this extension.
  • Go to Bing and select “Edit Cookies” option on the context menu:
  • Find the cookies named MUIDB and MUID, and replace the value with this cookie value: 09A74265B87C629633194B6AB944635B

Microsoft has partnered with Twitter to provide tweets in search queries since 2009 but in our minds, it was never very useful. However, if you’re a person who is interested in the latest #hashtags and whatever a celebrity is up to on the social network, then this feature should be right up your alley.

At the moment, neither Microsoft or Twitter have shared any form of information on this experiment. If the software giant gives it the go ahead, then we should be in for an update in the coming weeks. Then again, it all boils down to how far development has progressed.

Chances are, we could see these features show up soon via the Bing Insider Program, a scheme similar to the successful Windows Insider Program that is designed to give Bing users a voice.


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