Biomutant is out with 3 full-stacked editions [Download now]

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  • Since its May 25th release, Biomutant got a lot of mixed reviews from the gaming community. 
  • This awesome game is now available for users everywhere on PC, Xbox, and, of course, PS4.
  • Biomutant can be purchase as a stand-alone game, or as a part of two goodie-packed editions.
  • For the moment this game is exclusively single player with no online features that players can use.
Biomutant game

One of the most anticipated and sought-after games of the first quarter of 2021 is finally within players grasps and, ever since its release on May 25th, has been gathering both positive and negative reviews.

It seemed like an eternity since it was first announced but, now that it’s here, we can take a closer look at gameplay, overall feel, and, of course, the various editions in which it is available for PC, Xbox, and Playstation.

Basically, Biomutant’s is an open-world RPG, about a human-free post-apocalypse world, where we all perished from pollution, capitalist greed and exploitation.

It depicts a vibrant world teeming with life after we’re gone, where some pretty weirdly engineered creatures are now fighting for supremacy.

Biomutant is available in three different editions

We will begin by mentioning the first and most obvious version that the game comes in, which is the standard edition. This means that Biomutant doesn’t come with any extras except the game itself.

Although not rich in other in-game rewards, posters or other types of collectibles, the standard edition is, most of the time, sufficient for most users.

Get Biomutant Standard edition for PC

You can also download Biomutant Standard edition for Xbox or download Biomutant Standard edition for PS4.

Secondly, we have the more desirable Collector’s Edition, which the majority of fans that also want a little bit extra, besides the game, wanted so badly to get their hands on.

Apart from the game, this version also comes with an awesome figurine of the main character featured in the game, A1 Artwork on Fabric, as well as the official soundtrack.

Keep in mind that for the Collector’s Edition, you will have to pay double the price of just the game by itself.

Get Biomutant Collector’s Edition for PC

You can also download Biomutant Collector’s Edition for Xbox or download Biomutant Collector’s Edition for PS4.

The last version in which Biomutant is currently available for purchase is the more expensive Atomic Edition. Even though fans will have to pay almost triple the price of the Collector’s Edition, the goodies are even more tempting.

Upon purchasing the Atomic Edition, players will also receive:

  • High-Detail Diorama
  • Steelbook Case
  • A1 Artwork on Fabric
  • Oversized Mousepad
  • T-Shirt
  • Official Soundtrack

Get Biomutant Atomic Edition for PC

You can also download Biomutant Atomic Edition for Xbox or download Biomutant Atomic Edition for PS4.

What do gamers think about Biomutant so far?

As we said in the beginning of this article, since its release, Biomutant has been getting some mixed reviews from the people that played it, so far.

Some state that its a very fun way to spend your gaming hours, it features extremely cute characters and it takes them to a place of peace, resembling their childhood.

Others say that Biomutant is a boring game that survives on charm only, with not much to do, featuring a martial art expert cat-like creature, and some pretty over the top concepts.

What everybody can agree on is the fact that Biomutant’s landscapes and overall feel of the vast open-world are beautiful and captivating.

For the moment this game is exclusively single player, with no talk of an online version coming anytime soon.

It’ll be interesting too see what new content and features developers will prepare for this fun game in the near future.

Have you tried Biomutant? Share your opinion with us in the comments section below.

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