BT Smart Hub generates the most powerful Wi-Fi signal, reduces Windows 10 Wi-Fi problems

Madeleine Dean By: Madeleine Dean
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Windows 10 is a very good operating system, but Microsoft still hasn’t managed to fix all the Wi-Fi issues users are reporting. One of the most common are the constant connection losses along with Wi-Fi range issues. To address them, Redmond has released a series of updates and fixes to solve them, but from time to time Wi-Fi bugs still appear.

If you’re still having Wi-Fi issues on your Windows 10 PC despite all the workarounds you have used, you may consider buying a better Wi-Fi booster or a smart hub. If you live in the UK, BT announced a new Smart Hub, capable of delivering the UK’s most powerful Wi-Fi signal compared to the routers from other broadband providers.

BT claims the device can send Wi-Fi signal to harder-to-reach rooms, resulting in fewer dropped connections and faster speeds:

It’s packed with the latest wi-fi technology and is the only router from a major UK broadband provider to offer seven antennas which offer unbeatable Wi-Fi range.

The secret behind this performance are the seven antennas the hub comes equipped with. BT’s Smart Hub is powered by the latest AC Wi-Fi technology, allowing multiple connections without a reduction in connection speed. Also, the device incorporates the latest chipset available on the market and has built-in advanced filters that block interference.

BT’s Smart Hub will launch this summer and the first hubs will be available, obviously, for BT’s customers. Potential buyers can also purchase this Smart Hub for only $50.



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