New Bug Bash goes live for Windows 10 Insiders

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Microsoft has recently released build 14929 for the Windows 10 Insider Preview version of the operating system, and wasted no time before starting their newest endeavor. Over the course of the next couple of days, Windows users that are part of the Windows Insider program are invited to participate in a series of quests to help Windows developers identify and clear all the bugs they can find by submitting their findings in the feedback hub.

Through a message on Twitter, Microsoft official Dona Sarkar announced that the Bug Bash initiative for Windows Insiders is officially underway and even took the time to mention what parts of the operating system  are targeted for heavy surveillance. The elements that she pointed out were Windows Ink, Creating, 3D and last but not least, Developers.

The official closing time for Bug Bash will be 11:59 PM PST, November 13th. According to Microsoft, there will be quests that will have users investigate certain elements of the operating system and help them find the bugs.

Quests are placed into separate categories, depending on their difficulty and intricacy. While some quests are easier to complete, some might require a little bit more advanced knowledge about the specific niche that the quest is investigating, so users are advised to not attempt taking on quests of difficulty levels they cannot grasp. Microsoft says that a user must be able to troubleshoot their way back to safety if something goes wrong during a quest, so that in the end their system integrity isn’t jeopardized.

The quests are scheduled to rotate so that they may be brought back during the weekend for a second round of testing for maximized results.



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