Build 11099 Issues Already Appear for Windows 10 Users

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The most recent Windows 10 Build 11099 was released, and while it didn’t brought too many new features, it did bring fixes to previous issues. However, as more Windows 10 users downloaded the build, fresh problems have started surfacing on the forums.

Windows 10 users report many issues with build 11099

As always, we’re looking over the forums and we compile some of the most annoying and encountered issues. If you have been affected by this specific build, go ahead and leave your comment at the end of the article. Here’s what we’ve been able to find so far:

Upgrade to windows 10 insider preview 11099 from 10586.63 stuck at 76%:

I have problem to install Windows 10 redstone release, tried both 11082 and 11099, stuck at 76% (configuring setting at 5%) for whole night.
Tried the following:
1. Update use normal way e.g. windows update
2. update from ISO file.
3. Change computer to sleep and then wake it up when it gets stuck for long time, it still stuck at 76% after wake up.
there is no information why installation is not going on. The original OS is Windows 10 build 10586.63.

After upgrading to Windows 10 build 11099, my Microsoft Bluetooth mouse no longer is recognized

After upgrading to the latest build (11099.rs1_release.160109-1156) of Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview, my Microsoft Bluetooth mouse no longer is recognized, however the left and right clicking options do work on the mouse, but the scroll does not. When I attempt to open the App for the Sculpt Touch Mouse it tells me that nothing is recognized. It was working great in the last (fast build) Insider Build, as it was received by myself as a Christmas present.

There are many others who report various similar issues with the install being stuck and other peripherals not being recognized. Some have been saying that this specific build makes their Windows 10 system a bit slower. Leave your comment below and let us know how has this affected you.


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