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Microsoft rolled out a new Windows 10 Mobile build, bringing fixes and general performance improvements with the aim of preparing the Windows platform for the long-awaited Anniversary Update. Mobile Build 14364 officially kicks off the Windows 10 Anniversary Update June Bug Bash, as the tech giant tries to eliminate all the annoying bugs preventing users from enjoying a smooth Windows 10 experience.

While the latest Windows 10 Mobile build doesn’t bring any new features, it offers six interesting fixes that tackle Cortana, Edge and Bluetooth issues.

Here’s what improvements and fixes Windows 10 Mobile build 14364 brings:

  • Small design changes have been made to the Settings app such as tightening the spacing between checkboxes (similar to the Sounds settings page).
  • Microsoft fixed a bug where settings pages wouldn’t show a progress indicator if they needed a while to load.
  • A number of app logos were missing from notifications, despite them being visible in the Action Center. The issue has now been fixed, and you can find these app logos in notifications as well.
  • The Alarms and Clock Live tile would still show an alarm was active after a one-time alarm had gone off and been dismissed. This bug is fixed and the app will now show the correct alarm status.
  • Microsoft fixed an issue where Cortana would prompt you to unlock your device before reading a text over Bluetooth.
  • Many users reported Microsoft Edge crashes when trying to scroll certain webpages. The Insider Team managed to fix this issue and Edge navigation should be smooth now.
  • Microsoft fixed the issue where disconnecting from Bluetooth speakers would result in the phone being set to vibrate if it hadn’t already.

The build before, build 14361. had only four known issues and Microsoft managed to fix the Cortana bugs in the current build. This means that Mobile build 14364 has only three unfixed issues on the list:



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