Windows 10 Build 14901 issues: installation fails, settings app crashes, and more

by Ivan Jenic
Ivan Jenic
Ivan Jenic
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After a few weeks of pause, Microsoft finally released a new build for Windows 10. The Redstone 2 build 14901 doesn’t bring any major improvements or new features, but just like every other build, it has caused some problems to Insiders who decided to install it.

Of course, whenever a new build is released, and users start noticing issues and bugs, we write a report article about all of its flaws and problems. So in this article, we’re going to tell you what bothers users running build 14901, and if there’s a way to solve at least some of those issues.

Build 14901: reported problems

As almost every time so far, we start our report with installation problems. If you follow the news about Microsoft’s builds, you probably already guessed this is going to be the first reported issue, since installation problems are common in almost every build. Anyway, a few users complained on Microsoft’s forums that they’ve been unable to download or install build 14901.

“Currently on Build 14393.67.  Latest Cumulative Updates successfully installed. No error message is displayed at any time! System shows 14901 is downloaded, preparing to install updates, installing updates, Restart to install now, Blue screen with configuring updates percentages, system re-boots. Still on version14393.67?”

“I get this error message >>> Windows 10 Insider Preview 14901 – Error 0xc0000005. It said to restart. I restarted and it did not install Insider Preview 14901. So I went to all settings. checked for updates, said it was downloading Windows 10 Insider Preview 14901, waited for a little over an hour, then it came up with that message.”

Unfortunately, there’s no universal solution for all installation problems, but you can try running the WUReset script, which solves various problems related to Windows Update, and it might fix your issue, as well.

Many users have also reported frequent Settings app crashes. Here’s what one of them said:

“After selecting a sub window such as system; window just closes. anybody else seeing this? Upgraded thru normal process from 14393 on Acer Aspire.”

Insiders who have encountered this problem agree this is just a bug in build 14901 and Microsoft should fix it in the next release. However, there’s still no solution for this problem in Windows 10 build 14901, and Microsoft remained silent about it, as well.

The latest Windows 10 build also caused some serious problems to a few insiders who tried to installed it. One user has reported on the forums that upon installing build 14901, his tablet doesn’t recognize the internal hard disk anymore.

“When I update my tablet to the new build 14901 I had an error when the tablet restart to finish the process. Internal hard disk not found. Now I am unable to use the tablet only have three options retry boot (it does not work) change the setup option (I do not know how to proceed) and run onboard diagnostics ( i did it en everything is OK).”

Microsoft’s Engineers actually tried to help with a few ‘basic’ solutions, but unfortunately this problem remained unsolved, as well.

Similarly to the previous case, one user said that he received the “We couldn’t update system reserved partition” error upon installing the update:

“After finally being presented with build 14901 I start the download and get the message there are problems.  There is a “Fix It” button.  Pressing that button gives me the message We can not upgrade the system reserve partition, then it does a quick cleanup and I am stuck at that point”

He later said that a simple restart solved the problem, but if you’re also facing this issue, and restarting your computer didn’t help, try with this fix article.

And finally, there’s also one issue that’s quite unusual for Windows 10 builds. Namely, one user has reported that once he installs the update, Office starts asking for activation constantly.

“Since I installed the new build, every time I open an Office 365 program, I get a message telling me I need to activate my software. When I attempt to activate however, it fails. I can go to the Office  home page and everything seems to be in order with my account installed release 14901 over 12 hours ago, so lots of time for any background activation to occur.”

For this problem, we recommend checking out our article about Office 2016 issue in Windows 10. However, we cannot guarantee that any of the solutions listed in that article will work, since the proper workaround for this issues is still unconfirmed.

As you can see, despite the fact that this is the very first build of “the new cycle of Redstone builds,” it isn’t as nearly troublesome as some previous releases, which is very good. However, we still have a lot of Redstone 2 builds in front of us, so we expect many more issues to bother Insiders. But don’t worry, finding and fixing issues is the purpose of the Insider Program, after all.

If you encountered some problems that we didn’t mention in this article, feel free to let us know about it in the comment section below.


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