Bullclip is now available as a free Windows 10 app

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Bullclip has been in development for quite a while and now it’s finally available for Windows 10. Users can download the app from the Windows Store. After installing Bullclip, users will be able to choose to mark up their draft layer and sync it between devices. When the document is ready, they can then push it to the public layer.

This team collaboration application hosts documents in the cloud and allows users to organize their content with tags, a feature that will be added soon and use a version of the control mechanism. With the Bullclip app, users won’t have to replace their current working system and will be able to organize content the way they want.

Bullclip is a Windows 10 Universal app, so it works across any Windows 10 PC, including the Surface Hub. The Microsoft Surface tablet will make better use of the application’s digital inking and touch-friendly design. The awesome thing about this application is that if a user who lives in a certain country marks up a drawing in the public layer, other people who live in other countries will have the possibility to see everything as it’s written.

The application can be downloaded for free, but users will need to create an account with a 30-day free trial. If they decide to continue using Bullclip, they will pay $50 per month (per user), as well as $35 per month for a limited time.

The full list of key-features of Bullclip includes:

  • Complex plans, rendered in seconds;
  • Real-time markup syncing;
  • Layer management;
  • Precise inking;
  • Extensive markup tools and tool bar;
  • Permission Levels;
  • Secure file sharing and document storage.

Bullclip will soon allow users to add photos, checklists and document links directly on their drawings in the form of Hotspots.



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