HP’s futuristic VR backpack PC is now on sale

By: George Finley
2 minute read

Those interested in what’s going on in the VR world might have caught wind of a futuristic computer designed by HP. Named the Omen X Compact Desktop, this portable personal computer facilitates the usage of VR applications.

One of the biggest problems with VR in its current state, as reported by countless users, is that it’s very easy to get tangled in all the cables required to play games or use VR applications. All of these wires also create a sort of chain between the user and wherever the computer is, something that can completely ruin immersion.

Meet the Omen X Compact Desktop

This computer is designed as a compact unit which can be moved to any location more suitable. Not only that, it can be used together with the VR backpack in order to create a truly portable VR experience.

Since the VR unit is on the user’s back, there is no need for messy cables and people can play VR games while fully immersed. Going as far forward as they want without being tethered is what most VR gamers crave.

Impressive specs

While it all sounds cool, it’s understandable how many would be skeptical about the potency of this system, especially since it’s supposedly designed for VR. Those afraid this unit might underperform can rest assured as it is built with some of the best components on the market right now.

The computer features an i7 processing unit and a GeForce GTX 1080 GPU. That’s a lot of firepower for any computer, not to mention the inclusion of 1 TB of SSD memory, and 16 GB of DDR4 RAM.

Currently on sale

The system has been officially made available for purchase in the United States. US residents interested in seeing how the future of VR technology looks should definitely look into it and determine if it’s within their budget.

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While there isn’t a lot of information available about future availability in other countries, it’s safe to assume that HP will make it available internationally since the device has proven to be a hit with the VR community. In other words, we can safely include it on the list of the best VR backpack PCs to buy in 2017.

It’s also worth mentioning that having such as powerful and convenient VR system on the market also brings forth a lot of possibilities for VR developers who might try to put this new form of VR delivery to good use in some of their future releases.


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