Buy Xbox One games from your Windows 10 PC via Windows Store

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It’s absolutely no secret that Microsoft is giving it its all to unify the Windows and Xbox platforms. Slow but steadily, the company is making advancements towards that goal with quite a few services and products already making the jump to the Universal Windows Platform, which is aiming to host both Windows 10 and Xbox content. The latest feature working towards that goal is the new Xbox One filter implementation on the Windows 10 Windows Store app.

Seamless integration

Now, if you have an Xbox One console you can search for and buy games directly from the Windows Store. Until now that was only possible with games that are part of the Play Anywhere program.

This program basically allows you to play a game on both platforms once you purchase it. So if you buy a game for your Xbox, you can also download it for free and play it on PC and vice versa. Microsoft has made Windows 10 the poster child of PC gaming as the Windows developer is doing everything it can to make sure that PC gamers have a great experience on Windows 10.

Getting back to the topic at hand, it’s very easy to search for Xbox games on the Windows Store app. Simply search for something that you want to buy for your console. Once the results appear, you will have the option of applying a filter, specifically the “Available On…” filter. This lets you alternate between PC and Xbox content at your leisure.

Thousands of games await

There are many games available for the Xbox One, but those that already own the console probably already know that. The number is in the thousands when you compile a list with all the triple A titles as well as medium games and indie releases, and if you are in the habit of buying a game every so often on a regular basis, you are probably annoyed by the fact that you can’t do your shopping from the Windows Store which you frequent anyway.

Or at least, you couldn’t do it until now. But the new update to the Windows Store will bring that capability into the hands of excited gamers that will finally be able to seamlessly shop for Xbox One games from the comfort of their laptops or desktops.



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