Zoo Tycoon gets a HDR/4K-enabled remaster for Xbox One X

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The Microsoft Store is now allowing users to pre-order the digital remastered HDR, 4k supported version of the popular game, Zoo Tycoon. While the original game was initially released for the Xbox One, the remastered version is exclusive for Xbox One S and X.

Xbox One S users will only have access to the HDR features of the game, while Xbox One X users will be able to play the game in both 4k and HDR. In addition, the game supports both crossbuy and crossplay between Xbox One consoles and Windows 10 platforms.

It seems this rebooted game has everything going for it, as it will also support Kinect motion control. Obviously, gamers will still be able to play the game with the standard Xbox One controller. The gameplay has also been “cranked up” to be more immersive and exciting.

Zoo Tycoon Gameplay

Become the manager of the ultimate zoo as you give your imaginiation free reign while you build from scrap. Gamers will have the luxury to choose from around 200 animals that are visually intricate and stunning.

Not to mention that the 4K and HDR features will make the experience far more immersive.

Not only are the Zoo animals highly detailed, but the buildings, environment, etc, are also. This makes managing, building, and maintaining the zoo you’ve always wanted ,highly addicting and fun.

There is also a co-op feature where you can share the management of the zoo with up to four other players through Xbox live. Animal enthusiasts of all ages will be charmed by this game.

While Zoo Tycoon is full of content, it is both easy to play and get into. There are tutorials and intuitive controls that allow gamers all of ages to become immersed in the game.

Zoo Tycoon will reward creative and smart players as animals and zoo guests will react to your management style.

Other 4k remastered titles available for pre-order

The Zoo Tycoon reboot was announced alongside the ‘Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure’ and ‘Disneyland: Adventurers’ games. These games all have 4k features and are currently available for pre-order.

rush disney pixar 4K


What do you think about these 4k releases? Do you want to see more releases and re-releases in 4k/ HDR or do you prefer more games based on the Kinect motion sensor feature?

Buy Zoo Tycoon from the Microsoft Store.

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