10+ best cable locks for your Windows 10 laptop [2021 Guide]

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best laptop cable locks

Kensington Combination Cable Lock

This lock comes with a strong lock head that will provide great security due to its design. The lock is tamper-resistant so your laptop will remain protected. This lock uses T-Bar Locking Technology to attach itself to the Kensington Security Slot.

The lock has a 4-wheel number code, and it supports more than 10000 different combinations. We have to mention that this lock has a push-button design that allows you to attach to your laptop with just one hand.

The cable is made from engineered carbon steel and covered in protective plastics so it’s cut-resistant. Just like many other Kensington laptop locks, this one also works with Register & Retrieve program. By using this program you can easily restore your code in case you forget it.

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RUBAN Notebook Lock and Security Cable

If you want to protect your laptop, you might want to consider RUBAN Notebook Lock and Security Cable. This lock comes with 6.2 foot universal security cable that will protect your laptop from theft.

This is a simple lock and it comes with two lock keys. There are no number combinations, so you can easily unlock your laptop by using one of the two available keys.

This lock uses T-Bar mechanism, and it should be fully compatible with all laptops and other devices that have a standard security lock slot. This means that this lock can protect your laptop, but at the same time you can use it with any other device that has a security slot.

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Kensington MicroSaver Retractable Portable Notebook Lock

There are different types of laptop cable locks available, and if you’re always on the go, you might be interested in this lock.

This is a portable lock and it comes with a retractable cable so you can easily carry it with you. The lock comes with a case that stores your cable thus allowing you to easily carry this cable lock with you. Kensington MicroSaver uses patented T-Bar lock that provides superior strength.

The cable is 4 feet long and it comes with a security look. We have to mention that this is a compact lock, so it won’t block any other ports on your laptop. Regarding compatibility, this lock should work with all laptops that have a Kensington lock slot.

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Targus DEFCON 1 Ultra Notebook Computer

This is another compact laptop cable lock. This lock can be attached to your luggage, so you can easily carry it with you at all times.

The lock comes with a plastic housing that stores the retractable steel cable. Regarding the cable, you can retract it with a single press of a button. The lock uses Kevlar-reinforced cable that provides additional protection.

Regarding protection, there’s a 4-digit combination lock that will protect your laptop from theft. In addition, there’s also a 95dB alarm that will start if the cable is severed or if the motion detector is triggered. Targus DEFCON 1 offers great protection and it should compatible with all laptops that have a standard lock slot.

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Sendt Notebook Combination Lock Security Cable

Sendt Combination Lock works with any device that has a Kensington security slot. This lock comes with a 6 foot cable and 4 dial combination lock that supports up to 10000 unique number combinations.

This lock will protect your laptop, but it also works with other devices such as projectors, LCD or Plasma screens.

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Kensington Clicksafe Combination Cable Lock

Kensington Clicksafe comes with a carbon steel cut-resistant cable that you can easily attach to the desk or any other object. Regarding the cable, it’s almost 6 feet long which should be enough for most users. The lock is quite simple to use, and you can connect it with your laptop by using a single hand.

Kensington Clicksafe comes with T-Bar technology and resettable 4-digit combination. The lock head is tested and tamper-resistant, so it will keep your device protected at all times.

This lock also supports Register & Retrieve system that you can use to quickly retrieve a security code in case you forget it.

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Codi Combination Titanium Cable Lock

Codi Combination Lock is another cable lock for your laptop. This lock is compatible with most laptops, but it can also work with other devices such as flat screen displays, digital projectors, etc.

The lock comes with a hardened steel head and tail pin that will keep your laptop secure.

The lock has a 4-digit combination lock that supports up to 10000 different combinations. Codi Combination Lock has a stamped 304 stainless steel washer that will protect the lock from tampering.

Regarding the cable, there’s a 6 foot galvanized steel cable available.

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